trap x art is a movement created by Jesse and Amina Brooks that fuses art, hip-hop, and the spirit of being your own boss. The traveling art exhibition was established in the Bay Area of California and has appeared in cities across the nation. All trap x art events feature a curated group of artists and vendors showcasing their work with opportunities for networking, exposure, and profiting from sales. By participating in trap x art events, artists are able to demonstrate their creativity on their own terms; being free to express themselves and market their brands with no fees attached.

Each trap x art event has a different theme, or tribute, to self-made artists and hip-hop labels who have made an impact on the world and embody the essence of the movement. When trap x art made its stop in Philly last month, Meek Mill was the tribute theme. There were talented artists from the city, and the surrounding tri-state area, in attendance doing live paintings and performances. Clothing and jewelry vendors also set up shop throughout the Voltage Lounge venue and joined the festivities for the night.

Overall, it was a great experience to see so many passionate artists with artwork that celebrates the culture of hip-hop. trap x art offers something fresh to the creative community because not only is it a party/nightclub type of event, but it is heavily focused on the connection between art and entrepreneurship. Creativity comes natural to most artists… But the business aspect, and becoming an artrepreneur, can be a real challenge. The philosophy behind trap x art is that creativity, supported by a strong work ethic will go a long way. Creators, Jesse & Amina Brooks use the trap x art brand to encourage artists to stay focused and consistently develop good habits.

“We just hope to spread positive energy and good vibes across the nation and give artists of all levels and backgrounds a platform to be acknowledged. Our events aren’t your typical art show, we want to creatively inspire people to embrace themselves, embrace others and keep it lit.” — Amina Brooks, trap x art Co-creator + Coordinator

trap x art also pushes to raise awareness to the influences things like politics, sex, and mental health have on art, and vice versa. A recent stand-out trap x art event was their “Depressed” exhibit that took place in two Californian cities last month. This was an ode to mental health and focused on shedding light on mental illnesses, how we can heal through art, and the power of building a supportive community.

To end off this summer’s trap x art tour, there will be a national festival (Trapathon) at the Richmond Pavilion in the Bay Area on July 28th.

Check out our photo gallery from the trap x art Meek Mill tribute in Philly, shot by Scott Phillips (@flicksbyscott). You can learn more about the movement at + follow @trapxart for updates on events and new opportunities!