“You give me something real to believe in; it’s magical, powerful, natural — this love is heavenly,” are words by, singer-songwriter, Priscilla Renea that fit the same description as her voice while she sings them. On her very first tour, she made a stop in Philly for a show at Bourbon & Branch on 2nd street, where she shared a live preview of her upcoming album, Coloured.

Priscilla Renea is a Country artist and a versatile songwriter, with #1 songs in genres like Pop and R&B in her catalogue. While attending art schools all throughout her academic years, she developed instrumental knowledge and skills that led her to establish a career in music.

From landing her first record deal at a pretty young age, Priscilla Renea has stories of experiences that are very much worth listening to. As a songwriter, she’s worked with icons like Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, and more… As an artist, she’s approaching the release of her second official album and carving out spots in the charts for her own name… As a young adult, she’s overcome addiction and has found herself after a challenging battle of expectations vs. reality… As a lover, she’s manifested and built a healthy relationship with the man of her dreams (note: the above quoted song, “Heavenly”)... As a black woman in America, she’s vocal with her views on issues relating to police brutality, racism, and how other forms of societal corruption affect our community… And as a creator she’s been able to channel these experiences, and the feelings that have transpired from them, through her work.

In between songs during her intimate performance last Tuesday night, these were the topics of conversation. She shared stories about everything from what it’s been like for her, personally, working in the music industry, to how she’s utilized vision boards to make her dreams come true in various aspects of life. These same themes are present throughout the songs on her album, Coloured, which is a personal + political project inspired by her truth.


There are many layers to Priscilla Renea’s style, and that’s something we’ve learned within 5 minutes of her taking the stage. A confident black woman, dressed like a rockstar diva in some amazing boots, who makes country music, with a voice that can be placed in the same category of some of the best ever — like a Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, out of this world type voice... And beyond the aesthetics and talent, she wears a very big heart on her sleeve, which can be considered a huge accomplishment living in a world that glorifies the art of coldly finessing your way to the top.

Around the middle of the show, Priscilla Renea performed an acoustic version of, “Timber,” a song she wrote for Pitbull and Kesha. She also shared a funny, yet extremely accurate, song about growing up in the 90’s as millennials. She ended it off with “Land of The Free” and “Denim” which are both on the tracklist for the album set to release on June 22nd.

A few weeks ago, the first audio-visuals for the Coloured album were released in the form of a musical film. The nearly 6-minute long project starts off with the song, “Gentle Hands” where Priscilla describes the qualities she’s seeking in a man. In some scenes from this half of the film she’s dressed elegantly in an emerald fur with a silver outfit and playing a guitar in a mechanic’s garage shop, while in other scenes she’s flirting with a man who inspired the song — her husband in real life. The second song featured is, “Heavenly,” about a once in a lifetime kind of love. Performing in this song while slow dancing and dressed in ball gowns, she gives a look into a different side of her relationship.

You can listen to the current available songs from Coloured on all streaming platforms and follow Priscilla Renea on Instagram, @PriscillaRenea.