Marijuana is considered to be the divine feminine energy — a source that connects us to love and creation. This powerful female plant naturally heals, enlightens, and elevates. Marijuana has worked wonders for "incurable" cancer patients and people suffering from other serious/chronic illnesses. It has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, relieve symptoms of depression, and to be an effective treatment for veterans suffering from PTSD. Also, for those who are able to handle its psychoactive effects, marijuana is often used as a spiritual tool to help with achieving inner peace with high levels of awareness, understanding, and patience. Many cannabis activists believe that the world would change if a new perspective of marijuana is widely developed... That we'd see differently, think differently, and interact differently; more open-mindedly.

Despite the benefits it could potentially contribute to the lives of those who suffer daily, battling illnesses... This natural resource has been demonized in society for a long time, being associated with violence, murder, and hardcore drugs. Marijuana prohibition has played a major part in the "war on drugs," resulting in millions of arrests and incarcerations of people of color just to, now, become legally profitable to predominately white-privilaged investors in the new thriving cannabis industry... And, today, marijuana is still federally illegal and has not obtained approval from the FDA (due to its lack of funding and limited opportunities for conducting thorough medical research).

The improvements towards the legalization of marijuana are apparent (it's currently legal for recreational use in eight states plus Washington D.C.), but there are still many gray areas in the flawed system that need to be addressed. A lot of misinformed people continue to fight against its recreational legalization and consideration as a legit medication in the U.S.


As a current medical marijuana patient, I can confirm its effectiveness in alleviating pain and controlling the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease — it's been a true miracle for me. (If it wasn't for my daily cannabis use, I'd be unable to get out of bed, eat food, and function productively.) One of my gastroenterologists is a certified physician for the Medical Marijuana Program in the state of New Jersey and has provided me with access to a dispensary that I've been a patient at for the past 13 months. With the MMP being fairly new in New Jersey, it has a very short list of qualifying conditions (unlike a more experienced state such as California)... And although it is extremely beneficial to my health, it's also really expensive in comparison to conventional medicine. Unfortunately, health insurance does not cover any percentage of my medical marijuana because it is not an FDA-approved drug. Discounts are provided to minors, veterans, and medicaid patients, but that's about as far as any financial assistance goes for most patients. So basically its a treatment option, but only to those who qualify and can still manage to afford it.

There are so many things about marijuana that a lot of people don't know. Some are skeptical of the positive outcomes of cannabis use due to the way society has conditioned us to view it (it's more so viewed as a rebellious drug, utilized by outlaws or lazy stoners, rather than a healing one used for peace and prosperity)... Some who use it recreationally and are unaware of all the ways it can treat various medical conditions ranging from personality disorders to epilepsy... And a lot of us don't know, but should know, about how the cannabis industry is extremely profitable and all the ways we can break into it as creative entrepreneurs (opportunities are closer than you think — it's not all about dispensaries and physical product).

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