Taylor's Learning Academy 2nd Annual Coat Drive

On January 21st, Taylor's Learning Academy hosted their 2nd Annual Coat Drive. As an initiative to give back to the community, TLA provided food, snacks, games, and fun for those who attended as well as a large selection of donated coats for both children and adults to choose from. With a goal of gifting 50+ families and lending those in need a helping hand for the winter season, Taylor's Learning Academy + 2x The Service PR rounded up volunteers and media reps in the community to spread the word. DARLA was able to attend and witness the fun and the positive contributions that the event brought to the city.

For entertainment, DJ Top Choice provided music for the event and there were performances by The Red Dance Team, Just Chris, and Phresh Princess. Sponsors donated their goods and services and were a big part in making the day a success. The list includes: Ree Ree the Clown, Sitting Pretty Rental, Beas and Bounce, Banana Crumble, Cakeadelphia, Designer Creations, PMDBM, Desserts with Rasheen, Wawa, Chernè Altovise, and Somebody Gotta Do it. Kids and their families were provided an afternoon filled with treats, face painting, and activities that made for a great Sunday.

All images provided by @YoungKingsMedia

Mariah Powell, spoke on her experience with putting the Coat Drive together and her position at the daycare: 

"My position for this event was the Coordinator/Director. My mom and I are the Owners of Taylor's Learning Academy so we started this event and I put it all together. What I've learned through the process is having patience; it's a lot of work putting together (I didn't know it would be so much work for a coat drive). My purpose for starting this is because I felt like there was a need for it. Running a daycare, and seeing kids come in every day, or even just walking around my community; I felt like I was seeing too many people without jackets. It's been really frigid outside, so I felt like it was my job to help these people. I'm a part of this community and wanted to know what I could do to make a change. Even with the food today — we're serving everybody a full course meal. It's cold outside, so I thought, 'What do people want?' They want a nice warm meal and a jacket, so why not go out with a bang and provide entertainment, too."

In the end, Taylor's Learning Academy were able to surpass their goal by collecting over 600 jackets! You can learn more and stay updated with future events to get involved by following them @TaylorsLearningAcademy on Instagram.