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It was an overcast afternoon, yet still one to appreciate during this new transition into fall, when I went to meet Adriana Adelé for tea and a conversation about her experiences as a yoga instructor. I first came across Adriana’s work on Instagram during a search to find a yoga studio and instructor to begin practicing with. As a black woman myself, Adriana’s account was one that instantly stood out to me for connection.

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As creatives, everyone seems to experience that horrible thing called procrastination. It stops us from reaching our potential and getting things done, and ending it can seem impossible sometimes. On Twitter, we discussed with how we identify what triggers our procrastination and best practices to increase our productivity.

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Taylor's Learning Academy 2nd Annual Coat Drive

On January 21st, Taylor's Learning Academy hosted their 2nd Annual Coat Drive. As an initiative to give back to the community, TLA provided food, snacks, games, and fun for those who attended as well as a large selection of donated coats for both children and adults to choose from. With a goal of gifting 50+ families and lending those in need a helping hand for the winter season, Taylor's Learning Academy + 2x The Service PR rounded up volunteers and media reps in the community to spread the word. DARLA was able to attend and witness the fun and the positive contributions that the event brought to the city.

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