Still stuck on what types of self-care routines you can practice? Don’t worry, a few DARLA contributors + creative friends were willing to share some insight to their self-care routines this week for part three of our #SelfCareSeries. All practices vary from physical, mental/emotional, spiritual and social. Check them out below and join in on the conversation this week via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram @DARLAmedia!

Adrienne, @paigefive:

“My self-care routines always change, as my needs change often. I find clarity when I write. I either write stories, articles, poems, or just my feelings down. I literally have journals filled with just my thoughts from over my lifetime.

Additionally, I like to be active and social as that “recharges” my extroverted personality. I like going to the gym, dancing, or hanging out with friends. If I’ve had too much social activity going on then I’d either relax inside by finding new skin care routines, watching Netflix or even walking through a park taking photos.”

Keyonna, @Keyonna_Butler:

“One of my favorite self-care practices would be journaling and listening to music. It’s a great to relax and express yourself without the fear of judgement or overthinking. I especially love art journaling, which is expressing your thoughts through visuals and images”

Saphia, @vivalaphi:

My favorite parts of my self-care routine are facial masks, moisturizing my hair, and body scrubs! I struggle with breakouts so I like to try new organic masks from LUSH for weekly usage. I also try out other products I find like masks from the, "Yes To" line.

For moisturizers that work for my 4C hair texture, I sincerely enjoy Shea Moisture for a curl cream, Aunt Jackie's "Don't Shrink" gel if I'm rocking natural curls, and the Cantu leave-in conditioner.

I feel like every girl has their tricks, but I like keeping up with how my body looks AND feels underneath it all. To me, a good body scrub in a hot bath is just as relaxing as smoking a blunt. If my skin and hair feels good, I feel like I can do anything.

Victoria, @victoriadrianna: 

“I've found that the more time I'm able to dedicate to self-care, the more things in my life begin to align the way that I intend them to. My #1 self-care practice is creating. Whether it's Photoshop designing, making playlists + mixes, photography, conceptualizing on new brands, or writing notes to myself — nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than creating.

Every week, I make eating mindfully and specific skin care routines top priorities for my physical self. As a way to conquer a digestive disorder I've been battling with for 12+ years, I had to spend time carefully curating a diet that will allow me to stay healthy and productive. I've recently began transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle and educating myself on how to heal my body by using food as medicine. To keep my skin clear and glowing, I use the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask once a week (usually Sunday) and exfoliate with the EO Essential Oil treatment + moisturize with rosewater daily. For both my body and my skin, I also try to drink as much alkaline water as possible every day; it's amazing how something as simple as drinking more water can become an opportunity to replenish my body and experience a moment of giving gratitude to source.

My other favorite self-care practices include reading A LOT, meditating, medicating with marijuana, going to concerts, watching Super Soul Sunday (a major key for spiritual self-care), taking long baths, and listening to lots of Jhené Aiko! All of these things are essential to me on my way to growing into my purpose.”

Chante', @chante2times:

One of my favorite self-care practices is a coco butter scrub. For this self-care practice, I get raw coco butter and mash it down with sugar to scrub my face which gives it a deep cleanse and leaves my skin feeling so smooth with a natural glow! It really works; I think everyone should try it.”

Victoria, @imvictoriaryan:

My self-care practices include dancing and meditation. As a trained dancer, dancing has always been therapeutic for me. There's nothing in the world that has been able to do for me (mental and emotionally) what dance can. The confidence boost that dancing gives me is always exactly what I need. Dancing is like a love letter to myself. It's me admiring my strengths and being in love with the talent that I've been blessed with. I can't always make it to the studio, but dancing is definitely included in my daily morning routine. I wake up at least 5-10 minutes earlier than I should just to give myself some time to dance before I take on whatever the day brings.

Meditation allows me to be kinder to myself. When I feel like my inner self is becoming overwhelmed or is lacking something, I sit still and meditate. I make sure that my body is facing in whatever direction the sun is shining; I close my eyes, smile, and breathe. During this meditation process, I recite a few affirmations that I know will be of use to me in that moment and I have a conversation with God. Meditation allows me to be still and realign with myself and my intentions. It helps me remain my most authentic self.”

Haddy, @_QueenHadassah:

“I have a motivation quote wall that has different quotes and bible verses that motivate me. I color and journal to wind down after a long day from work.”

Lauren, @lo.the.misfit:

Putting my phone on airplane mode to slow me down mentally and physically. Reminds me to cherish the present moment and helps me focus on tasks with less distractions.

Journaling saved my life! It helps keep me accountable, all while venting and getting all of my goals/ideas out on paper.

Sleep, absolutely, is my favorite and easiest self-care routine. I love to feel well-rested and escape into my dreams! It’s just nice not having to worry about the stresses of life.

Smoking marijuana probably isn’t the healthiest self-care routine that I indulge in, but it certainly helps a lot! Especially after a long day? It’s the perfect way for me to wind down and recollect my thoughts.”


"my self-care practice involves a few things: weed, a face mask and YouTube. when i need to unwind, i roll a blunt, apply a face mask and binge watch YouTube videos. i feel like cannabis has become a big part of women's self-care routine, and i get why. a few pulls and i am good. it helps lessen my anxiety and post warm shower, it calms me. face masks should be a part of everyone's self care routine, i keep mine in the fridge and there is nothing more refreshing than a cold, wet and soothing mask on your skin. with my soul calmed and my skin soothed, i like to just take my mind off things with YouTube videos."

As you can see, self-care routines can be very different and vary by category, as well as days. Some people’s routines can be more extensive while others, such as Tykia (PR, Social Media Maven — @Tykeez), can be as simple as yoga and volleyball. DARLA hopes that our #SelfCareSeries has motivated you all to focus more on practicing self-care with a variety of all the things you love the most. Remember to always put your health, first!

For the rest of the #SelfCareSeries we will be giving you all even more examples but through product reviews, DIYs, and more! Do you have any that you would like us to try? Let us know, @DARLAmedia!

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