Rain forests are being set on fire. An overflow of trash is endangering sea life daily. It’s hard to overlook the current state of our environment and how, “climate change” is just a passive aggressive phrase for, “humans literally destroying the planet with unconscious and horrifying behavior….” So, many of us are setting out to learn how we can help preserve our planet and break away from the capitalist systems that damage it. Now more than ever, (and forever), we need to be mindful of how our habits affect the world we live in and the impact they will have on the generations to come… And beyond awareness, we need to be active in pushing for change and discussing the benefits of developing new habits with our friends and family, even when they don’t want to hear us.

To contribute, one of my missions as an Editor is to shop and learn more from eco-friendly brands with sustainable, ethical business practices that not only benefit us as customers, but the condition of our planet as well.

The latest brand I’ve had the pleasure of working with is Organic Basics. This company’s core focus is to clean up the “dirty bastard” of a fashion industry by reducing their carbon footprint through slower merchandising, partnering with certified sustainable factories and using eco-friendly fabrics.

Organic Basics is dedicated to creating the highest quality and most responsibly made essentials for everyday wear. They offer an assortment of underwear, bras, t-shirts, socks and activewear that are made with organic, ethically sourced fabrics. These garments are produced in European factories that have ensured their workplace is free from child and forced labor and that workers are paid a living wage, have a safe workplace environment, are offered employee perks like free lunch and childcare, and are treated with respect.

To reduce their carbon footprint, Organic Basics prioritizes making the lowest impact possible during their production process. They have also partnered with Chooose — an organization that makes businesses and individuals carbon balanced by investing in CO2 reducing projects in developing countries (like solar power in India and wind power in Turkey). With the Organic Basics x Chooose partnership, one hundred kilos of CO2 is offset for every purchase made. This means every customer that purchases Organic Basics products or “climate credits,” contributes to the world going carbon neutral.

By researching the companies we consume from to better understand their core values and business practices, we can become more informed on who they are and what our decision to exchange our money with them is actually contributing to. Transitioning into a conscious shopper is a process, I know… But every little step this way is a move in the right direction.

My personal goal for the upcoming seasons is to simplify my wardrobe with more high-quality, naturally produced essentials and less fast fashion. I figured Organic Basics was the perfect place to start, because underwear is the closest thing to my body! The real secret Victoria’s been keeping from us is that yoni health is helllllla critical and our undergarments affect that. A lot of the mass-produced women’s lingerie is made with chemicals, pesticides and synthetic materials that make it hard for our yonis to breathe. It’s worth considering the fabric contents of underwear just as much as the ingredients of our food and skincare products.

Organic Basics allowed me to try out some of their pieces for review and they put me on to a new feeling I hadn’t even realized I was missing — genuine comfort. I tried out a Complete Briefs Pack which included two pairs of Organic Basics bikini briefs, a triangle bra, and a women’s tee.


Overall, I am very impressed with the Organic Basics pieces I received. The fabrics are high quality, durable, and soft to touch. I CAN’T ACCIDENTALLY/EASILY RIP A HOLE IN THE UNDERWEAR WITH MY POINTY FINGERNAILS. There are no hanging threads, itchy/large tags, and no unstitched pocket slots in the underwear. The t-shirt fabric quality was so great that I never really want to wear non-organic t-shirts again. All of the garments have held up well in the wash for a few weeks now.


With my 32D bra size I was a little stuck on deciding between a small or medium triangle bra… But going off my bust measurement, I chose a small and I’d say it runs true to size; the underwear and t-shirt run true to size as well. Organic Basics’ current available sizes range from XS-XL, which I think should expand to fit the needs of larger body types. For feel, the fit was super cozy and supportive. The bra includes a triple row clasp in the back and has adjustable shoulder straps. The underwear are comfortable enough to wear all day and are the perfect things to lounge around the house in. I personally prefer men’s cut tees over women’s and will probably be purchasing those in the future… But the t-shirt still had a real relaxed, cozy fit; great for a women’s tee.


Organic Basics are high-end, for sure, and more expensive than typical basics… But for good reason. The cost is higher to produce sustainable fashion items and the fabrics are more expensive. It’s also worth taking into consideration that these garments will last longer than cheaper ones. A great way to save and stock-up is to purchase combo packs that create a better value than individually-priced items. The pack I received is currently on sale for $99, originally priced at $124.

Organic Basics creates opportunity for us to feel confident in what we are wearing because of how it feels to our body and how it impacts our environment. If we choose to be the type of people who wear the same few t-shirts frequently in the name of comfort and sustainability, it will not only be acceptable, but a power move — for ourselves and the world as a whole. To be fashionable today, ethical is the new black.

You can shop Organic Basics using code DARLAOBC for 10% off your entire purchase from now until September 20, 2019 at!