If you've ever spent time mixing up ingredients from your kitchen to create your own hair care products due to the lack of good quality, in-store options... Or if you've spent your hard earned money on "natural" product lines only to be disappointed in the results, you're not alone. According to Natural Hair Care Expert and Entrepreneur, Muhga Eltigani: one out of every five black women are dissatisfied with current options on the market, which has caused one out of every two black women to make some sort of hair care concoction at home. After being frustrated with black women, like herself, being underserved and overlooked when it comes to the development of hair products, Muhga founded NaturAll Club — a revolutionary line of fresh hair care products + a monthly subscription service that changes everything about the way curly haired women consume and learn effective treatment regimens.

What started off as a personal natural hair care journey, transformed into an informative YouTube channel, and then developed into a full company. Founded in Cleveland and currently based in Philadelphia, NaturAll Club and the story of how it came to be is one to pay attention to. Muhga Eltigani recently spoke with DARLA about the inspiration, purpose, and future of NaturAll Club and we think you'll appreciate learning about her brand just as much as we did.

"I graduated from UPenn in 2014; I started NaturAll Club unofficially in college when I was just making hair products because I was frustrated with the current in-store options. I started giving them out to friends and family, then started a YouTube channel where I talked about different hair recipes and eventually, it turned into a full-time business where I sold fresh hair products. I wanted to sell fresh products because there weren't any on the market and it benefits curly hair types; it's just so great and so effective."

Created by black women, for black women, NaturAll Club is the solution to the lack of hair care products on the market that are effective for a all curly hair types — it's been 4a, 4b, and 4c approved. The NaturAll Club community currently consists of over 39,000 people that have turned to this company for products made with fresh ingredients and/or educational information on natural hair care. Currently standing as the only hair company that uses fresh fruit (avocados) in their products, NaturAll Club provides curly haired women with an entire deep conditioning kit for a personalized natural hair care regimen. Their popular avocado hair masks are made so fresh, that they need to be either frozen or refrigerated before and in-between uses.

"You can choose a subscription or buy one-off products. We really push the subscription option because we want you to have a consistent regimen. Each month, you're sent a fresh fruit hair product kit — it's sent to you a week after it's made, so you have the freshest products on the market. You get the fresh hair mask, the shea butter leave-in serum, an educational insert, a spray bottle, a hair-tie and a hair cap so that you can condition with ease. It comes with a kit for a deep conditioning night. You can use it twice a month, and then every month we'll send you a new kit so that you can get the freshest ingredients each month to keep you on this natural hair regimen."

NaturAll Club's hair mask is formulated to treat three different problem areas: dry hair, dull hair, or damaged hair. You can choose which solution you want based off of your personal needs, and then the product is sent to you with everything you need to apply it.

"I want [NaturALL Club] to represent different women and different hair types. At NaturAll Club, we understand that you have different hair types and different hair needs and we cater to that. We also understand that you want to do different styles; you want to color your hair, you want to loc your hair, you want to try different hair styles and that all effects what products you need. We want to be more attuned to different curl types and different curl needs. We want to be the #1 place that curly women go to for natural hair products."

With such a strong business model and mission, it's no surprise that Muhga (along with her business partner Sam Roberts) was an Honoree on the 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 list, featured in the retail and e-commerce category. According to Forbes, Muhga has invested $18,000 of her personal savings into the company and currently outsources ingredients from Ghana and Malaysia. Prior to the launch of the NaturAll Club website in August 2016, she spent at least a year doing research and testing products with customers to gain a real understanding of how to add value to curly hair care routines. She credits her area of study in college as a part of what inspires her approach as a creative CEO.

"I was a triple major in African Studies, Religious Studies, and International Relations... And when it comes down to it, it was all the study of people. What we think, what we believe, what motivates us, what political things motivate us... Just the study of how we interact with each other. I think that translates to business because I can understand where a customer is coming from and think of things through different lenses that maybe someone who hasn't had this background of education would think."

Muhga has big plans for the future of NaturAll Club. The monthly avocado hair mask deep conditioning kit is a remarkable innovation in the hair care experience, but it's just the beginning of this brand's journey. They aim to develop and supply the freshest natural products to hit the market.

"We see ourselves as being the next L'Oreal (to be honest) in that natural hair care world. We're just starting off with the hair mask; we've got a long way to go. We want to basically revolutionize everything and make everything fresher. shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizing products will have an actual natural take on it and not what other companies call "natural." Also, we plan to move into beauty in general. Face masks and make-up. I want to really make a brand for women of color.

We are a women, black-owned company. Our products are made for us and by us. We're not just a lifestyle brand, we're going to be the next big brand. That's what we're striving for."

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