Did you know that over $1 trillion of food is wasted each year due to not meeting “beauty” standards for fruits and vegetables to be sold in grocery stores and markets?

Philly-based ugly produce brand, Misfits Market, has set out to create a waste-free world by rescuing “ugly” fruits and vegetables and making them accessible and affordable for all by delivering directly to consumers’ home!

There are so many reasons why #projectDARLA loves this ugly produce brand, founded by Abhi Ramesh… Starting with the fact that Misfits Market has grown its staff size to 200+ local employees, including those previously incarcerated looking for opportunities. Not only is Misfits Market reducing waste with their sustainable business model, but they are providing access and space for previously incarcerated men and women to earn wages that allow them to provide for their families.

How it Works


Misfits Market offers subscription boxes of produce, and one-time boxes for more $, to all zip codes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and about 7 other states. All produce is organic and 30% to 50% cheaper than grocery store prices.

The Misfits Market Mischief Box ($19) includes approximately 10-12 lbs. of organic mixed fruits + veggies, serves up to 2 people for a week, and is ideal for cooking small meals and snacking.

The Misfits Market Madness Box ($34) includes approximately 18-20 lbs. of organic mixed fruits + veggies, serves up to 5 people for a week, and is ideal for families, larger households that cook daily.

Each box is filled up with misfits fruits and veggies. You can choose to receive a box every week or every other week.

My Experience


My first Misfits Market box came right on time. I was fighting a cold last week and was in the process of trying out all the natural remedies to get over it. I used the produce Misfits Market sent in to make a vegetable soup that was the ultimate comfort food for me. I also used the fruit to make some fresh pressed, nutrient-packed juices!

The box included grape tomatoes, an acorn squash, leeks, was 6 red potatoes, 3 pears, 4 mandarin oranges, bok choy, green peppers, jalapeños, and kale. All fruits and veggies were organic, fresh, and delicious with their own cute, unique aesthetic.

I plan on purchasing produce from Misfits Market a lot more in the future. It gives me an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen, save money on organic produce, reduce my trips to the grocery store, and shop more sustainably.

Want to try out a Misfits Market produce box?? Visit misfitsmarket.com this week and save 20% on your first purchase with code: DARLA20 ✨

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