As creatives, we tend to fall in love with the work we do. It doesn't always provide us with stability or a comfortable lifestyle, but it's what makes us feel full inside. It's the first thing on our minds when we wake up in the morning, what we focus on throughout the day, and what we think about improving on as we fall asleep at night... Creating is one of those things that we can't, not do. DARLA Magazine's purpose revolves around the lifestyles of creatives who push to make Dreams And Real Life Align every day. The bosses, artists, writers, stylists, wanderers, and lovers who travel down their own paths and write their own rules. We live by the philosophy that doing it your own way will always be the best way and that simply being yourself, is powerful.

In building my own brands, there have been certain ideas, inspired by my real life and my dreams, that I've instilled in my mind. I've filled notebooks with hundreds of little phrases that, to me, have big meanings; my DARLAisms.

♀OWER reflects the power of feminism and why it's important live with those values... Be The Beyoncé Of Your Own World encourages tobethe best and most graceful at everything you aspire to achieve... Make Your Own Bread is a mantra for developing a self-made, self-sufficient, and healthy lifestyle... And A CEO. The Real, Real. No GMOis for building a business with an organic and authentic purpose.

This week, we are debuting our first collection of DARLAism T-shirts with a lookbook shot by Philadelphia-based Photographer, Cath Alyse. I connected with Catherine via social media and she quickly became one of my favorite people to follow on Twitter + Instagram. It's been very cool to witness her progression as she nurtures her craft every chance she gets. She has a genuine, positive outlook on life and uses photography as a way to express her interests and perspectives. Catherine captures the beauty of individuals with her portraits as well was the raw beauty of Philadelphia.


Check out our conversation about Dreams And Real Life!

On Making Dreams And Real Life Align...

"I make my dreams and real life align by just taking everything one day at a time. When I think about where I want to be, it can be discouraging because it seems so far away but each day brings me closer to those dreams. As long as I'm doing something, no matter how small, every single day to work towards my dreams, I'm making my dreams and real life align a little more."

On Photography + Purpose...

"I'm still discovering what I specialize in. Portraits are what I do more than anything else but I'm always looking for new opportunities to push myself out of my comfort zone. I never want to keep myself and my work in a box. There's always something new to try. As long as my photos make people feel beautiful in their own skin, that's all I can hope for. That's the main thing I hope to achieve."

On Creative Careers in Philadelphia...

"There's no rule book with creative careers. No two paths are the same, even if the goals are the same. The creative community in Philadelphia is so incredible and no matter which creative outlet you choose, there are always tons of people who are willing to grow with you. Philly is filled with driven, hard working creative people and that's so inspiring to me."

On Advice To Younger Self...

"The only person you should compete against is yourself. Nothing kills my creativity & motivation more than comparing my progress or work to someone else's. Now, when I catch myself doing it, I just look back at my accomplishments and growth. It puts everything into perspective."


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