Louise Chantál is an independent artist who is changing the world by creating one of her own. Being passionately concerned about the lack of accurate representation of women of color in the media is what lead LC to create the world of Aranbi, which she describes as a place that will be for the misrepresented or underrepresented to have a voice. The Prince$$ of Aranbi is also a Queen of Underground R&B, racking up over a million plays collectively on her original songs and mashups via Soundcloud. With those numbers, it's evident that Louise Chantál has a talent for singing and songwriting... But her musical abilities haven't always come natural to her. Since age 12 she has been working hard and training to turn her dreams of being an entertainer into her reality, with the art of branding being a major key that has allowed her to do so. Fast forward from the days when she'd write songs in her notebook during school hours to today... And you'll find Louise Chantál preparing to release her highly anticipated EP, Welcome To Aranbi, sparking a revolution of social positivity among 100K+ of "LC Lovers," and bo$$ing up in the fashion and business world by collaborating with brands such as MATTE and Joyrich. Louise Chantál keeps her hands full with balancing creativity and business plans, but luckily for us... She was able to make some time for an interview with DARLA. Check out our Q&A below for the gems she dropped; valuable for pursuing any creative career + for life!


victoriadrianna: Thank you for taking the time to share your story with DARLA today. To start off, could you tell me a little aboutyourself?

Louise Chantál: Thank you for having me. My name is Louise Chantál. I am a singer and songwriter originally from London, living in the NYC area! And I'm gearing up to release my debut EP, Welcome To Aranbi.

V: When I think of 'Louise Chantál' I immediately envision a feminine, kind-hearted goddess, with a soulful + angelic voice... Your branding as an artist is impeccable and I can tell that there's a lot of hard work behind that. What is a valuable lesson you learned while creating and building a personal brand?

LC: Thank you so much. I am really happy to hear that you feel that way because I do invest a lot of energy and effort into branding myself and turning my dreams into realities. One valuable lesson that I’ve learned while creating and building my brand is that you have to have a vision, you have to want to execute that vision more than anyone else around you does, and you have to become as knowledgable as possible about every facet of your career. Not everyone is going to see your vision in the beginning, but you have to be persistent and surround yourself with people that believe in your vision and cultivate your growth by guiding you while encouraging you to think for yourself.

V: What message do you want to send to the world with your brand?

LC: I don’t think there is one sole mission statement. I am passionate about music, business, fashion, and I plan on launching a charity via my world, Aranbi, in the near future. With that being said, I feel as though my connection with beings throughout the world is multi-faceted. Through my music, I’d like to encourage people to confront their true emotions because so much of my personal growth has birthed from self evaluation, acceptance, and then healing. Through my fashion, I’d like to encourage people to embrace the things that make them unique and celebrate self expression. Through my business endeavors, I plan on showing the world just how much black girls rock. And through my world, Aranbi, I plan on becoming a part of the change that I’d like to see, initially through equal media representation.

V: Do you remember what the first song you wrote was about? What inspired you to start making music and how did you start?

LC: I don’t remember the song I wrote, but I’m pretty sure it was a love song… Haha! And from what I remember I was maybe 10 years old when I was writing songs in a schoolwork binder. At age 12, I began pursuing it professionally and joined a production company. I always wanted to be in the performance arts/entertainment business. But I didn’t begin pursuing it professionally until age 12 probably because before that age I just didn’t believe I was good enough. And it was at that age that I decided that I didn’t care how bad of a singer I was. I decided I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me. And I was going to outwork everyone around me to make my dreams come to life.


V: How would you describe your music? Tell me about to concept and mood behind your upcoming EP, Welcome To Aranbi.

LC: I would describe my music as R&B merged and influenced by other genres. Welcome To Aranbi is going to be a three part project. Each song was written from the perspective of a different character so I'm very excited for my vision sonically and visually to come to life as I release more content. This project is me welcoming people to my world and allowing them to hear a glimpse of what I feel I have to offer to the new era of R&B.

V: What do you plan for the creation of Aranbi to represent in the media space and how does it relate to your personal career?

LC: Aranbi is going to launch online after I release my project and my goal initially, as a stated earlier, is to shift the current structure of media representation and put fresh faces, stories, and perspectives on a new online platform. A place for the misrepresented or underrepresented to have a voice. Aside from that portion of the site, there will be a merge of fashion and charity. Aranbi will be created and crafted around my creative direction. I think it will be a great outlet for me to connect with creatives that are passionate about improving the world we live in and that is very important to me as a citizen of the world, outside of my career.

V: There are often negative connotations put on social media platforms and how they affect our generation. What do you think some of the positive benefits of social media are, and how do you exercise them personally?

LC: There are so many people battling issues internally that they feel they are experiencing alone. Yes, there is a lot of negativity and bullying that occurs on social media, but there are also a lot of communities and connections being made that are positive, uplifting, and inspirational. The greatest benefit of social media for me has been that it's allowed me to have a true voice in a world run and controlled by so many big corporations and companies. I am an independent artist with a fan base of nearly 100K people solely because of social media. I can't be in London, NYC, LA, and Paris at the same time physically, but digitally I can connect with fans all across globe at the press of a button.

V: I can only imagine some of the challenges you’ve faced as an independent artist, but seeing how you have been able overcome them and begin aligning your dreams and real life is inspiring…. What would you tell a younger version of yourself in need of inspiration/motivation to achieve your goals?

LC: Thank you. I would tell the younger me... To never underestimate your ability to think for yourself. 


V: DARLAMagazine.com operates as a weekly publication with new articles being published on Sundays to accommodate the lifestyles of young creatives who are often very busy. How would you spend a free Sunday off from work, with no restrictions?

LC: I honestly hate days off from work... Haha! I thrive off of productivity. But if I couldn't do anything at all work related, I would hope that I was near a beach and I would lay in the sand and read and play music and dance until the sun sets.

Thank you so much for interviewing me!

I can't wait to see what Louise Chantál has been working on for the release of Welcome To Aranbi! Stay updated with her work + connect with her via Twitter and Instagram @ImLouiseChantal, check out her personal website at ImLouiseChantal.com and listen to her latest single, "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" from her Soundcloud below!



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