I've recently come to the understanding that things really do work themselves out with time. I know it may seem cliché, but it's true. I used to always want the answers; I always wanted to be able to define and explain everything I was going through because I didn't like not knowing... But clarity is something that comes with time. Stepping back from situations to look at them from different perspectives... Letting shit ride... Feeling what you feel rather than trying to control your emotions... Waiting for the fog to clear on it's own... Is a more peaceful way of achieving a clear understanding of any dilemma. Here is a compilation of the songs I've been listening to the most throughout the past couple of weeks; songs that just say what it is and to me, reflect, the process of achieving clarity. Hope you enjoy it, XO.

Track List

confidently lost by sabrina claudio
mirrors by jhené aiko
love drought by beyoncé
home alone by joyce wrice
table by kehlani + little simz
facts by h.e.r.
naked by savannah dumetz
#bad4me by etta bond
know by syd
bad blood by nao
poet by bibi bourelly

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