In our world today, empowerment can be a great tool for achieving generational wellness and success. When we grow to become stronger and more confident in our abilities, we share stories of our process and pass down the values we've developed, and then the cycle of empowerment continues on with time.

One multi-talented woman contributing to this movement is Maria Wills. Through various projects and media-related efforts, Maria Wills shares messages of empowerment and self-love to her audience. As an Event & TV/Radio Host, Maria regularly leads powerful discussions on Afternoon Tea Radio and Girl Power Hour Radio... And as an Author, she’s recently released the first book of an ongoing series created to encourage children to talk about challenging topics. Inspired by Wills' relationship with her daughter, The Secret Keeper: Perfect the Way You Are, is a story that helps children with confidence and discussing their feelings with an adult confindant.

In a recent Q&A, Maria Wills gave DARLA insight to her career accomplishments as well as her motivation for writing The Secret Keeper series.

An Interview with Maria Wills

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
My name is a Maria Wills and I am a proud mother to my beautiful daughter Juliana. I was born in Washington DC and raised in PG County, Maryland. I went to school for Music at Drexel University in Philadelphia. My first passion is music. I am a radio, TV, and event host based out of Atlanta, GA. I am also the Author of the children's book, The Secret Keeper: Perfect the Way You Are.

How did you get started with a career in the media?
My career path has always been one thing leading to another. I started an event production company while in college. When I moved to Atlanta I started an open mic night called Spotlight Tuesdays, which I was the host. From there, I began hosting larger events such as the Sweet Auburn Music Festival and the African American Festival. I was asked to be the media correspondent for Girl Power Hour Radio and was then offered the job to host the show.

What's the concept of your Girl Power Hour radio show? What kind of topics are discussed?
Girl Power Hour is an international radio show created by Jae Nash that entertains, enlightens, and encourages women to live and thrive in their uniquely designed purpose. We discuss current events, women empowerment, and self-love


What's the inspiration behind your first book, The Secret Keeper: Perfect The Way You Are?
My book, The Secret Keeper: Perfect the Way You Are, was inspired by my daughter Juliana. The book is about a young girl who is bullied about her hair. She goes home and her mom turns into the Secret Keeper superhero at night and gives her confidence and advice.

What do you hope to achieve with The Secret Keeper Series?
The Secret Keeper: Perfect the Way You Are is the first book in a series opening dialogue between parents and their children about difficult topics such as bullying.

Is it challenging for you to balance while maintaining multiple career titles?
It is challenging to find balance. You have to figure out how you function and what makes you organized. Everyone is different.

What are some things about your daily routine, or even your thought process that contribute to your success?
My daily routine is self-motivation and manifestation. Setting daily attainable goals and quarterly goals.

Philanthropy seems to be a big part of your work — why do you think it's important for creative to incorporate activism into their brands?
I believe that we as a people are here to put into others. We all make the world go round. I genuinely enjoy giving my talent and time to others.

What's some advice you'd give a younger version of yourself in need of motivation to get started?
If I could, I would tell the younger Maria to always forgive yourself and believe that everything you see for yourself is obtainable. There is no limit.

How would you spend a perfect Sunday (with no rules or restrictions)?
My perfect Sunday is waking up to my significant other. Having breakfast on the balcony overlooking a beautiful beach while writing. Being a beach bum with my family during the day and hosting the Grammy’s at night, lol.

You can stay updated with more projects and appearances by Maria Wills through her website + Instagram @iAmMariaWills!