Last year, we were introduced to the FRIDAY BY FRIDAY brand as Creative Director + Designer, Friday Lynton prepared to launch her 5th collection, "Season 5." In our first interview with Friday, we discussed the beauty and importance of women empowering each other and how she aims to integrate that message into her unique line of chained objects. This summer, FRIDAY BY FRIDAY is back with a new collection for Season 6 and an even deeper message to convey than last time.

“For Season 6, I dug a little bit deeper. It’s not so literal. Last season we definitely presented the idea of FRIDAY BY FRIDAY being for all types of girls, the unity of women, and we expressed that through the fashion presentation and the imagery from the Season 5 campaign photos. This time around, it’s more of an open diary; the open diary of an artist in a sense with it being an exact reflection of an experience that I’ve actually gone through as an independent artist throughout the ending of Season 5 up to the beginning of this year. It’s expressing moods of anxiety, and feeling broken as an artist... Feeling like you’re not good enough and feeling like you may not actually have a shot or a chance at what you’re doing... Doubting yourself and not believing in what you’re doing... Following that process and learning that, that’s something everyone goes through — not just artists. Artists are, more specifically, what we’re targeting for this one but it’s definitely something that I know people will be able to relate to regardless of what creative journey they’re going on."

Being a female boss in today's world comes with a lot of pressure; especially with regard to our image and our portrayal on social media. We often feel as though it is our responsibility to always keep our shit on point and make everything look polished and pretty for our followers, even if we're lowkey on the verge of completely losing it. With this Season 6 collection, FRIDAY BY FRIDAY will shed light on a few of these raw and unglamorous moments by letting the world into her personal artist's diary.

"Season 6 is about being young and knowing that not every moment is happy. With a lot of fashion campaigns I see, everything’s so happy. Everything’s so cute and like, “We’re hot and we’re boss babes.” That’s empowering and it’s great, but the story I wanted to tell this time around is what happens when that girl is not on social media, flexing. Or what happens when that girl is not at the party looking great. What does that girl do behind closed doors? You may think that she lives this amazing life but she might actually be struggling as an artist or going through her own shit. I definitely wanted to kind of dig a little bit deeper and kind of take a page out of a certain mental diary that I have and express it visually for people to see. And it feels really weird, I’ve never felt this vulnerable. It’s a little bit scary because it’s kind of like your mom finding your diary at 16 years old and she’s like reading it and you’re cringing – that’s kind of how I feel now. Expressing shit that I’ve been through and being very open about it.”

Whether it's music, visual art, or fashion, we (as humans) crave to indulge and consume things that we can relate to; things that we can connect with. The greatest artists are those who have been able to find the courage to be vulnerable and open when creating, because that sense of transparency is what allows others to connect to their work... And with this new collection FRIDAY BY FRIDAY does just that; it provides us with something real that we can feel.


“It’s important to show both ends because we’re in this world of social media and a lot of what we see is so pretty and well curated. I wanna see the messy stuff, I wanna see the breakdowns, the 2 AM you have a final project and you’re in tears. The on the ground, not knowing if you’re going to be able to pay your rent next month because you know you might not have made a sale in two months. I wanna see that, so that’s the reason why I decided to create this imagery, because it needs to be shown… It’s not shown enough.”

FRIDAY BY FRIDAY's chained objects link avant-garde fashion pieces with the down to earth, cool, millennial woman. Worn and adorned by girls like Justine Skye and Keke Palmer, it's a brand at the forefront of trendsetting and on the brink of changing the way things work in the fashion industry. FBF is set to drop a wide array of new pieces along with some additional amazing projects like a fashion film and an editorial blog.

“Since the last time we spoke I’ve been planning and preparing for the fashion film (that’s going to be released on the brand’s anniversary on July 1st), the fashion presentation and the campaign photos. I've been working on a full collection this time around which is gonna be dropped in three stages, so the collection will build as the summer goes by. To sum it all up, I’ve just been trying to build this concept of what FRIDAY BY FRIDAY is and who the people are behind it. We are also re-launching the GIRLS IN FBF style blog. It’s gonna be a blogtorial, like a blog editorial... So that’s going to be really big! It’s going to be more interactive in a sense because we want the platform to be broader. I hate when I go on clothing or shopping sites and I’m literally just there to shop and there’s nothing else for me to see or interact with. It’s just like, 'come on here, buy stuff, and leave' – that’s how I feel most of the time. What I really wanted to do was extend the platform and create this blogtorial so that we can feature really great, empowered girls wearing FBF. They can tell their story, we can do cool shoot collaborations, a lot of original content of editorial work collaborating with other female photographers, models, artists, and so on. We’re really excited about that as well. That should launch in late June."

The new Season 6 collection will consist of chained tops, a larger selection of dresses, chokers, accessories, and even a chained trench coat that Friday has been working on for a very long time.

“The collection is very hefty; aiming to target different pieces in your wardrobe and providing more than just a choker and a top. I want people to have more FBF in their wardrobes so that they can style it differently and wear it with different types of things. Tops, skirts, dresses, a chained bag, the trench, I have like a water jug and a couple of fun things. There will also be merch as well that’s going to go along with it.”

As mentioned before, parts of this collection will be dropped on three different dates throughout the summer (be sure you're following @FRIDAYBYFRIDAY  to stay updated -- the first drop will be on 06.23.17). You can shop the collection at any point following the release, but there will be cut-offs after a certain number of sales for specific styles. This provides FRIDAY BY FRIDAY customers with the security of exclusivity and an authentic boutique shopping experience.

The process of making Dreams And Real Life Align is a constant stream of new lessons. Creatives are always learning and growing into the type of people they want to be, both professionally and personally. Before we wrapped up our interview, Friday shared some of the lessons she's learned and how she's gone about translating them into her work.

“I’ve learned to be a lot more vulnerable with my work. I’ve learned to open up more. I’ve learned to take my time a lot more. There’s like a ton of lessons. With age you grow and try things, and some things may not work so you do what you can until you figure a better solution. I’ve definitely learned new techniques. I’m introducing some new chained patterns. The way I weave the chains together; I’ve learned new ways to do that, that are a lot more intricate and a lot more interesting. That will be shown in some of the pieces. I learned how to make a trench, which is an amazing accomplishment for me. In the beginning I only really knew how to make tops and very simple things. Being able to conceptualize a coat out of metal is like mind-blowing to me. With all of the details — the collars, the sleeves, replicating buttons and all those sorts of things. The design aesthetic definitely stepped up a lot. The storyline is way more real to me; I’ve learned how to be vulnerable and kind of give myself as an artist to my work and to my audience and not hold back. Designing, the process, creating, everything has stepped up and it’s definitely going to show once the collection drops.”

Be sure to follow FRIDAY BY FRIDAY on Instagram + Twitter; this will keep you updated with releases and information about the Season 6 fashion presentation taking place in NYC on July 1st. You can shop on their amazing site and learn more about the vision behind the brand!