Meet Victoria Nguyen [better known as Vee] — a 21 year old Nail Technician + Entrepreneur from New Orleans. In October 2016, Vee launched ASVP Nail Bar during her junior year of college at LSU. After less than a year of operating her business, located in a small corner of her bedroom, she is now making moves on her first nail tour; creating pop-up shops and connecting with new clients in new cities.

Before Vee officially kicked off the tour, we had the opportunity to learn more about her story and what she hopes to accomplish with her brand. If you haven't had images of her amazing nail sets dripping magic on your Twitter and Instagram feeds yet, we're more than happy to introduce you to the concept behind this new ASVP Nail Bar experience.

Prior to establishing her career as a Nail Tech, Vee was hesitant to delve into the nail industry. Growing up, she endured bullying from kids that stereotyped her as a "typical Asian" whose future would exist in a nail salon... And that really steered her away from taking that career path. Despite what anyone had to say, though, Vee had a talent she couldn't ignore — she was really good with nail designs and learned to embrace that.

After spending time working in salons with low volumes of clientele due to their lack of quality customer service, she decided to venture out independently to create and market a business of her own.

Vee spent three years of college at LSU as a Biology Major with plans on becoming a Doctor... (Not the typical background we'd expect for this type of business owner to have, right?) But during her time in that program, she realized that working in a hospital all day just wasn't a good fit for her personality. She has goals that she just couldn't see herself accomplishing in the medical field... So Vee made the decision to change her major to marketing and since, has become a "marketing maven." She's a firm believer that anything is possible and hopes to be an example of that for her peers, especially when she becomes the CMO of Google in the future.

Impressively, when it comes to her craft, Vee is a self-taught Nail Technician. She explained to us that just about every set she's posted on social media was freestyled with cutting-edge, Hollywood-like looks achieved through inspiration and prayer.

"I pray really hard before every set because I'm always trying something new; I usually look for inspiration first and then re-create it in my own way."

The magic she's made thus far in her private nail salon (the humble corner of her bedroom, set-up with a small table and plastic supply crate) inspired Vee to run an unconventional nail shop. She and her friends have been brainstorming up ways that Vee could travel and do nails in different cities without needing to open an actual shop... And as a result, the ASVP Nail Tour was created.

"I just woke up one morning and was like, 'Let's do a nail tour and see how many people we can meet and how many clients we can get.' The idea came from me wanting to show the world what I can do, who I am, and for the opportunity to meet new people!"


Part One of the ASVP Nail Bar Tour will take place in The South, making stops in Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Norman and Miami from July 30th-August 26th. Vee plans to mob with her friends from city to city not only to do nails, but to make meaningful connections similar to the ones she's already nurtured with her current clients.

My brand is bigger than just doing nails, it's a whole movement. I literally get to know the girls personally. You know, girls my age usually have problems and situations they're going through and when I tell you I've been through everything... I've been through everything. Now, I'm able to teach and literally help girls through what I've learned. I'm at a point where I know how to love myself and I really try to encourage other girls to do the same thing. Every time they come here, my clients are like my best friends! One of my biggest goals is to travel the world and make more connections.

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