Every other Thursday night in the city of Philadelphia, a group of young creatives comes together to ignite each other with the energy that all of their bones need. The music that flows freely through the room on these nights of the Global Village, Village Jams events is unreal and an experience you must partake in at least once.

I’ve experienced about two of these gatherings hosted by Global Village now and, I must say, the energy felt in the room will keep you coming back for more -- particularly if you can identify as that lost soul who is searching for MORE at a time when our world seems to have normalized chaos and question. As intrigued as I was by the vibes circulating this space, I just had to take the opportunity to sit down with Lyonzo Vargas, one of three Founders, to talk with him about what idea inspired this venture.

Global Village is literally a gathering of creatives linking up for a “jam” fest — where there is no agenda except for the two mics being passed around the room and the band of musicians set in place for whichever bold individuals have the heart to take hold of the mic and spill where their mind is in a freestyle rap/song/or spoken word. "The Village,” has only been in action for a total of eight months now and has grown within that short time from a gathering of five to upwards of 100 attendees.

Lyonzo Vargos, one of the main three creative minds behind it all, first and foremost is one of the most self-conscious, self-content and sensitive individuals that I have ever met. You can feel the warm embrace, positive energy and motivation that is brought by the entirety of the Global Village Jams all in this one person. Though all of one individual’s being may not be attributed to one certain circumstance or event, Lyonzo shares that his childhood growing up in the Bronx with his mother and three other siblings created in him a deep desire for safety and peace that he never felt he could get in his own home or community. As he matured as a “young King,” his passion was only even further cultivated to take this desire outside of himself and bring such a space to his community.

Global Village is the new environment that Lyonzo has created here in Philadelphia with his two homies and colleagues, Raph Jones and Miyekow. He crossed paths with these two creatives in his time here in Philadelphia as the vision in his heart for The Village was still brewing. Shortly after the time that Lyonzo had quit his job and started focusing full-time on his dream of making music, he had taken a trip to his mother’s home country of Honduras. It was during this trip that he realized the crucial impact of community and a knitted-togetherness that could hold an entire group of people up. He brainstormed with his boys and a couple of other friends who, together with him, paved the way to such a sense of community to be built in the city of Philadelphia.

Before the Village, Lyonzo describes Philadelphia as a place where subcultures were segregated by nature and a bridge to bring all of these groups together was absent. Though building community is no quick fix or overnight project, The Village is setting the process in place one night of Village Jams at a time. Old, young, creative, not creative — it is bringing together groups of people who believe there is more to life than the status quos and and normal flow. We can make our own beats, our own waves and make this village global.

Already, The Village has extended to London through one of the team member’s link to a study abroad program. While Lyonzo recognizes the city of Philadelphia as his home, his city is only the launch pad and he sees The Village taking trek all across the map. If you would like to come and be a part of the vibes and jams while you can still catch the train in Philadelphia follow @GlblVllg on Instagram and stay posted on event locations and details.