All summer 16, DARLA will be traveling around Philadelphia and occasionally other cities to visit the coolest food places + to share our reviews along with some stories behind the businesses. Because... Who doesn't love great food?! First up is Pink Ice Café, a dessert shop located at 5512 Lancaster Ave. in West Philadelphia. If you love cold treats like water ice and milkshakes, you won’t be disappointed with Pink Ice’s menu... Especially on a hot summer day. Pink Ice’s 22 year-old owner, Desimber, wanted to create a safe haven for youth and adults to relax and enjoy sweet treats. While starting out, Desimber knew one thing — “Good food will always bring a group of people to one place," which is exactly what she intended to accomplish with Pink Ice Café.

Instagram, @PinkIceCafe
Instagram, @PinkIceCafe

Once you enter the café you are instantly greeted by Desimber or one of her lively staff members. If you are a new customer, they will explain their menu and the many options available. The Pink Ice menu consists of water ice, gelati, milkshakes, sundaes and much more. Once you decide which type of treat you want, then you have to choose a flavor. (Or flavors... There is no limit to what you can choose!) After your flavor selection, the fun part begins... Toppings! You can get toppings on any and everything at Pink Ice and they offer both new school and old school toppings to satisfy their wide range of customers. From gummy worms, to Nerds, to brownie pieces... Their menu is a dream come true for anyone who loves sweets! The company always encourages customers to have fun by creating their own desserts.

Before your first visit, I suggest following @PinkIceCafe on Instagram so that you can go in with an idea or a screenshot of something you may want to try. If not, you may end up standing there for a long time feeling overwhelmed by all the choices you have! This café exists to please the customer and customer creativity is a big part of their business model. Many items displayed on their Instagram page are created by their customers... And everything is a trial and error! Have you ever had an ice cream sundae on top of a pretzel?? Probably not... But some Pink Ice dessert creators have!

Pink Ice3
Pink Ice3

After visiting Pink Ice a couple times now, I always find myself ordering the same thing — a Banana Pudding Milkshake. I never had one before coming to this café, but it is highly recommended! The Banana Pudding Milkshake started out as a limited edition item, but it has now become their top selling item along with their actual banana pudding that they offer.

With hopes of becoming a “platform for motivation and inspiration,” Desimber has definitely created a hub for creativity. As I spoke with her during my last visit, she was preparing to restock their most popular item (Banana Pudding) after unexpectedly running out of their entire stock in only one day. I asked her what advice she has for other young women out there with a dream she said,

Figure out what you love to do then do all your research on the topic. Do your blueprint so fine that if someone told you they had a million dollars right now for your business you would be able to roll it out for them with no hesitation. Be innovative and never stop... Don’t let anyone tell you to stop dreaming.

Coined Philly’s new hot spot for cold treats + DARLAlaland approved; check out Pink Ice Café... You won’t be disappointed!

Follow Pink Ice Café's mouth-watering Instagram account @PinkIceCafe and if you visit, be sure to tag @DARLAlaland in the desserts you create!