On October 20th, the first ever ENVSN Festival took place in Brooklyn, New York at Industry City. Founded by Sharifa Murdock + Laura Stylez, #ENVSNfest is designed to provide an interactive learning, networking, shopping, and entertainment experience for a multi-generational group of creative female hustlers — the dreamers, go-getters, and future leaders.

The festival’s schedule was packed with panel discussions, workshops, and performances that touched on everything from career building, to healthy sex lives, to self-care and wellness, to fashion/beauty entrepreneurship, to the artistry of female figures in music, and so much more! ENVSN had the entire Industry City campus bursting with entrepreneurial spirits + overflowing with the love and support necessary to make such an experience possible.

ENVSNfest kicked off with I See You Wellness + a Morning Meditation session in the center court yard of the venue. Shortly after on the panel stage, a select group of young women from Get Lit Poets recited original poetry and delivered a empowering performance that flowed into an afternoon of nonstop panel discussions.


Women in Media

moderated by Journalist, Gia Peppers
- MLB Network Host, Alexa Datt Rosenberg
- Beats 1 Radio and Podcast Host, Karlie Hustle
- Power 105.1 Music Coordinator, Honey German
- Hot 97’s #JenAndTheCity Host, Jennifer Le (Jen From BK)
- “Everyday Struggle” Executive Producer, Nadeska Alexis

These leading ladies shared stories about how they got started in their careers, their views on underrepresentation of women in the media industry, and advice for younger women who are aspiring to work in the same field.

“Rejection is protection. Trust the process.” — Jen From BK

Loving Myself

moderated by Refinery 29 Writer, Sesali Bowen
- Digital Influencer, Chasity Garner Valentine
- Entrepreneur and Podcast Host, Danielle Cooper
- Make-Up Artist and Plus Sized Model, Ilianna Ayala
- SkinButtr CEO and ANTM Top-Model Tatiana Price

During this discussion, the panelists shared their views and experiences on everything from dealing with negative social media comments to choosing staple pieces for their closets. Even if it makes other people uncomfortable, they decided that nothing can stop their self-confidence and self-expression through fashion.

Do You Have Dark Shades?

moderated by Journalist, Marjon Carlos
- Entrepreneur + YouTube Creator Jackie Aina
- Reina Rebelde CEO Regina Merson

The self-love talk transitioned into a discussion about the beauty industry and how inclusive it really is. These two featured panelists went into detail about how they got started in their careers and how they go about navigating through the world of beauty as women of color.

The Trifecta to a Better You

moderated by Love Squad Founder, Ally Love
- Afro-Latina Blogger, Ada Rojas
- Ballerina + Model, Angelique Laurin
- Nutrition Coach, Lottie Bilidirici

This empowering conversation highlighted the importance and best practices for becoming mentally, emotionally, and physically fit — Becoming the best possible version of yourself is a full process!

Age Aint Nothing But a Number

moderated by Educator, Nadia Lopez
- NYSE Equity Trader, Lauren Simmons

This panel was a one-on-one interview with Lauren Simmons — the youngest and only female of the New York Stock Exchange. Questions prompted Lauren to reflect on how she deals with making mistakes, the value of mentorship, and what it feels like to be in her current position.

Let’s Talk About Sex

moderated by Shannon Boodram

Sexologist and Author, ShanBoody gave a 45-minute solo presentation about safe sex, consent, pleasure, birth control and more. She provided visuals and got incorporated trivia games to discuss everything the audience needed to know about S.U.P.E.R. sex.


The ENVSNfest workshops provided the opportunity for ENVSNgirls to meet with experts from all walks of life and discover new ways to enhance their personal journeys.


Crafting Your Vision

with Collective Shades Co-Founders, Litsey Aguilar & Angie Pearson

Two workshops gave ENVSNgirls the opportunity to learn from each other and discuss their personal visions. It was a hands-on experience to create their very own vision boards.

Redefining Self-Care

with The I Am Woman Project Manager, Shanthi Marie Blanchard
- World Athlete + Personal Trainer, Lu Faustin
- Style Curator, Jena Min
- Writer, Gabrielle Noel
- Spiritual Advisor + Mental Health Advocate, Emilia Ortiz

This workshop was a roundtable discussion with a group of diverse influencers who each bring an innovative and proactive perspective to the term, self-care. This group included:

Panty Talk with Dylan Underwear

with Dylan Creator, Crystal Truong

An open conversation about personal health, comfort, and overall sex education for today’s young women dove deep into the ins and outs of underwear faux pas and everything sex.

Securing Your Future: How Social Media Can Make or Break You

with Intrinium Marketing Manager, Chiara Marrison

An opportunity to get a better understanding of how social media can impact the future for better or worse. It also highlighted different career opportunities to thrive as a tech and digital media maven.

Getting Your Coins Right

with The Budgetnista Founder, Tiffany Aliche.

This workshop gave insight on becoming financially literate and how to properly manage money.

Beauty + Fashion + Lifestyle

ENVSNfest featured an elite selection of brands with pop-up shops and creative installations. In the building next to where panels and workshops took place were two full floors of action and retail including indie boutique gems like Ultraviolet.NYC, Brooklyn Brujeria, and Pholk Beauty mixed with established names like Urbanears, Champion, and French Connection UK.

This part of the festival not only provided everyone with the opportunity to shop, but to also connect with the business owners and brand leaders behind the products and creative marketing campaigns they love. Many booths were hosting contests and giveaways as well as free samples in exchange for social media shout outs. Throughout the day, brand activations were scheduled with themes like “Apothecary & Chill” with Forever Wild Organics and “DYI Tassel Earrings” with Jam + Rico — there were even yoga and massage sessions available!

If you’re a beauty/fashion business owner, or aspiring to become one, this is the aspect of ENVSN you want to make note of. Participating in festival or trade show events that offer booth or table spaces is one of the best ways to showcase your brand to potential customers, buyers and media outlets.


The ENVSNfest vibes were curated by some of the top female DJs in the industry. Sets were performed all day on the music stage by DJ Saige, DJ Jasmine Soloman, DJ Brittany Sky, DJ Lady S, and twin sister-duo DJs Amira + Kayla. As an opening set for the musical performances, Hot 97’s DJ Megan Ryte did a set while recapping the day’s festivities with concert Host, Gia Peppers.

Performances included dance choreography by the CurlSisters from The Bay Area, DaniLeigh, Maliibu Miitch, Zhavia, Saweetie, Queen Naija, and Tinashe. Being of all different ages and coming from diverse backgrounds, these artists have traveled unique routes to establish their careers… But they all did it with hard work and dedication.

CurlSisters Jasmin Corley, Bianca Bougere + Ailani Bougere vlogged to document their choreography and influencing journey…

DaniLeigh got her start in music by directing videos before she was taken under the wing of the late legend, Prince as a mentee…

Maliibu Miitch began her career with the Ruff Ryders at age 19 and then joined a Def Jam duo act before she embarked on a solo rap career…

Saweetie graduated college and then became a hip-hop artist full-time after the first freestyle she shared, “Icy Girl,” was overwhelmingly successful…

Zhavia’s voice was discovered when she was a contestant on P. Diddy’s talent competition series, The Four

Queen Naija is a viral-content-producing YouTube personality turned R&B Artist…

And Tinashe has been grinding her way through music for years establishing herself as one of the most talented artists in performance, writing, producing, and beyond.

The Experience


ENVSNfest represents what happens when hundreds of women ENVSN their future, set goals for themselves, work hard, spread love, have fun, and take care of themselves in the process. As a one-of-a-kind fall festival, it set the tone of what we consider to be grinding season, and provided just the right energy for stepping into a new year of creating with purpose.

Sharifa Murdock + Laura Stylez’ mission for creating the festival was to provide a space where young women could gain access to valuable tools and life lessons to educate, entertain, and empower. By uniting women of multiple generations, high school and college students could connect with brands and influential insiders for internship and mentor opportunities while younger girls could become inspired to start crafting visions of their own.

This year’s event was just the first, and we can only imagine that it’s going to be even bigger next time! Check out the #ENVSNfest highlight on our Instagram page for more coverage, and be sure to follow @ENVSNfest to stay updated on what’s happening in the community!