During the Agenda Trade Show in Long Beach this summer, DARLA was introduced to a brand that showed us a new way to cruise around the city — Penny Skateboards. We met with Global Brand Manager, Jeff Goforth, who informed us all about the vision behind Penny Skateboards and how the brand is encouraging a healthy skate culture all over the world. Jeff explained to us how Penny Skateboards are for the everyday skater who needs a good quality, reliable board to get around on. They're ideal for both adult and youth skaters who use skateboarding as a means of transportation to get from point A to B.

The new holiday collection of Penny Skateboards consists of Metallic Fades, additional prints to their limited edition Simpsons collection, and a brand new 32" option in a variety of colors. One great feature about purchasing a board from Penny is that you have the freedom to build your own on their website. With the 3D Penny Customizer, you can choose the deck, wheel, truck, bolt, panel and grip to ensure that your board's design is exactly how you want it to look.


We were able to request one of our own and we chose the Ethiopia Skate x BB 27" board. This was part of a limited edition collection from the "Penny for a Purpose" initiative that supports projects and non-profits and encourages skateboarding. The collaboration with Penny, Ethiopia Skate, and artist BB Bastidas was designed to make a difference in the lives of youth all over the world.

As soon as we received this board from Penny, we were amazed by its quality and vibrant designs on the deck and grip detail. It inspired us to get outside and enjoy the beginning of fall by cruising around downtown Philly. This afternoon of wandering around the city on a skateboard allowed us to experience some of the areas we've visited hundreds of times in a new way.

Using Penny Skateboards is a great, creative way to get active and open your eyes to all the beautiful things in your every day environment.

You can check out more of what Penny Skateboards has to offer by visiting their online shop + blog at Follow the brand for rad inspiration @PennySkateboards on Instagram!


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