The world is currently bursting with artistic entrepreneurs, ARTrepreneurs, who are turning what they create into a business of their own and it's totally intriguing to come across a girl whose art is focused on improving the lives of those in need... Men. It's official; menswear by a woman is the new easy ticket to an on-point wardrobe... So get ready for it! (After all, who can style guys better than we can?) This talented designer, from Darla Magazine's home-city, hit the ground running after graduating college and has been currently getting some remarkable international growth and exposure for her brand. Meet Alicia Pinckney, a 24 year old menswear designer from Philadelphia, PA. In 2013 she obtained her BA degree in Fashion Design from Philadelphia University. An admitted nerd/overachiever in school when it came to mathematics and taking on leadership roles, Alicia chose to major in fashion design to embrace her creative side.

At Philadelphia University, I found a love for menswear. My first collection was inspired by vintage workwear while containing tailored and detailed garments, my second collection had the same aesthetic value in tailoring techniques. I decided to focus on menswear solely after receiving an all-expense paid trip to Miami by Cotton Inc. for my menswear and being awarded the "Excellence In Menswear Design" at PhilaU's annual show.

That same year, 2013, weeks before graduating, my pop pop fell victim to murder. At this time, I fell so low emotionally because I've never experienced such a tragedy. I was close to my pop pop and he was one of my biggest inspirations in art, as he was an artist on many scales. That summer, I decided to dedicate my brand and name my brand after my grandfather, G. Leon 1938 (1938 being the year he was born). I like to seek positivity in all things, so my brand was my way of peace.

G. Leon editorial
G. Leon editorial

G. Leon 1938


classic-refined-tailored menswear with a modern artistic twist

. The line consists of custom cut and sew pieces for men with an artistic and original sense of style. With her exceptional menswear collections, she captured the attention of her university's entire community and beyond.

Since creating my own line, I've had the opportunity to present in Brooklyn Fashion Week and from this, I was featured in the New York and Philadelphia Metro as an "Up & Coming Designer." This was truly amazing to see my garments in the paper and have so many friends and family reach out to me telling me that I was in the paper.

On November 4th, 2014, it was publicly announced that Alicia was the 1st place winner of

The Domus Academy for



"Call For Talent" scholarship. This award grants a scholarship for the Master's in Fashion Design at Domus Academy in Italy. (TOTALLY AMAZING!!) She was granted the opportunity to study abroad in Milan for the next year to continue her education and expand with her brand.

Milan has been amazing so far! I've been exploring a lot and experiencing new things. I just had the opportunity to participate in Milan Fashion Week as a spectator of a couple shows and even helping backstage. During my time here personally, I want to continue to evolve on my journey of growth. Career-wise, I want to complete my Master's program and mature and develop as a designer and an entrepreneur.

To any aspiring fashion designers — you simply 


 check out her work! As an artist or any other young creative professional, it can be super inspiring to see what is possible once you take a chance and follow your intuition.

My advice would be to simply, get started. A lot of people let "fear" hold them back when actually, the things they are afraid of are all made up in the mind or generated by other's perceptions. The sky is not the limit; you can do and be anything that you want to be. It first starts with mindset... A positive, adaptable and accepting mindset. You must also work 10 times as hard as what you think is already hard work because there is always room for improvement. Lastly, always be a sponge, absorbing new experiences and advice from people who can serve as mentors.

While I'm personally living vicariously through

Alicia's Instagram

photos of the beautiful things she's been discovering in Milan this Sunday morning, I had to find out how she'd spend a restriction-free day:

My ideal free day involves me cooking a big brunch, painting, and sight-seeing. Especially in that order because I love food and I love exploring. Painting has always been my favorite thing to do, but lately painting has been assigned to any "free day" that I can get my hands on.
Colored Sketches3
Colored Sketches3

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