When working towards making Dreams And Real Life Align, every move (major and minor) is a part of discovering and building on the bigger purpose. We don't always notice as it's happening and we may go through rough patches of situations that make us doubt the process, but like R&B Singer/Songwriter Alex Vaughn says in her song, "Blessings": Anything you want is waiting all for you, but you just gotta breathe to receive all the blessings.

This past Wednesday, Alex Vaughn took a moment to breathe and acknowledge the blessings of her upcoming move to Los Angeles in pursuit of elevating her music career. The DC Native threw a party, the AV + Friends Send Off Party, full of good vibes and uplifting messages for staying positive and trusting the process... Just like the theme behind much of Alex's music.

@musamajic + @itstamarab

@musamajic + @itstamarab

The night at Big Chief in Washington DC for the AV + Friends Send Off Party was a fresh experience, as the event doubled as a showcase with performances by various DMV artists. DJ Marauder curated the vibe with flawless mixes of the best throwback Hip-Hop and R&B songs while hosts, Musa Majic + Tamara B kept the crowd engaged in between sets. Raw and authentic in its nature, the creative scene in DC harbors talent that we were thankful to have been introduced to. There were a total of six different sets of performances, all contributing something unique to the overall show.

Kassim was the first performance of the night who jumped into it with the statement, "I make music about self-love so if you love my music, that simply means you love yourself." The 24-year old rapper delivered an energetic performance of a single coming from his newest mixtape.

Next was R&B Artist, Mudi who performed a set of original love songs. "I wanna ride you into the sunrise, when I'm on top, please look me in my eyes," were lyrics coming from the confident songstress.

Foggie Raw came through with an effortless flow, sharing some of his work along with a freestyle. His latest project Fogtavious Vandross, features a creative blend of classic soul/funk music mixed with trap.

Introduced by the hosts as one of the best rappers in the DC area was Odd Mojo, who performed a set of motivational music and a gritty freestyle. She explained how one of her most personal songs, "Sticky Notes" was created at a time she found herself leaving little notes around her room as a reminder to keep going. "Sticky notes all around my room saying, 'Be you, stay true, be different.'"

Leading into Alex Vaughn's performance was a set by her band; a production duo named FootsxColes. They did a live performance of their single, "Moonlight" from their album Sitting in Outer Space. "Our thoughts, our minds, collide in the moonlight, where it's you and I, where it's just right."


A cover of Erykah Badu's "Didn't Cha Know," was the first part of Alex Vaughn's set... Proving her to be a powerful vocalist who sounds even better live. Not only does her music sound great, but she's an artist whose work you'll be happy for the opportunity to witness beyond digital streaming as well.

Alex performed a combination of original songs like "ISH" and "Good Morning," and collaborations with Odd Mojo and, rapper, Matt McGhee mixed with some of her favorite covers including Aaliyah's "Are You That Somebody" and an encore of Jill Scott's, "It's Love." She dedicated her single, "Gotta Have It" to her dream of moving to LA — one of those things she just had to have and wouldn't stop until she got it... And "Blessings" to her passion for finding blessings in even the smallest or most challenging moments in life.


On her journey to a new city, Alex Vaughn was elated to be able to share the experience with the other local artists she's connected with over time; encouraging them to keep pushing towards achieving their own goals in music as well. The Big Chief venue was filled with much love and inspiration... And it was really special to witness the organic sense of support that was spread throughout. Before the night was over, Alex Vaughn explained how she's determined to bring a trophy back to DC for more celebratory nights like this with her friends. 

... And we look forward to seeing her make it all happen!

Follow Alex Vaughn on Instagram + Twitter @whoisalexvaughn and look out for the release of her upcoming project, The Shift.