Working as the Creative Director of #projectDARLA comes with an unpredictable schedule filled with interviews, events, photoshoots, and more every week. There are times that I literally stay home and read books for reviews or design graphics on photoshop… And there are times when I’m traveling to different cities to complete projects, all while working two other part-time positions — no one week is the same as the next!

As a business owner and Editor, I’m really dedicated towards keeping my vision for the future of my brand intact… And with that, I end up sacrificing the amount of time and money I put towards my style. (I will wear tees and the same pair of jeans + Vans for like a week straight, TBH.) But recently, I’ve found a way to look like I’m rocking something off the runway while still staying dedicated to bringing my vision to life… And that’s with eyewear from Elephant Eyes — an online eyewear boutique based in Philadelphia.

Created by Kaylyn Hildreth in 2016, Elephant Eyes is an exclusive fashion and accessories brand that caters to the unique individual. The boutique specializes in connecting trendy products to their fashion-forward clients at affordable prices. What sets this brand apart from other trendy accessories boutiques is that they are passionate about marketing and providing exceptional customer service.

Upon learning about Elephant Eyes, I was granted the opportunity to ask Kaylyn a few questions about the vision behind her brand and what inspired her to start a business of her own.

How she got started:

“My reputation has always been ‘the hustler.’ I’ve been working since I was 13 years old. My senior year of high school, I had five jobs! Ten years later (nine when I started), I realized I’ve always had the drive to do anything I’ve wanted. With my work experience, mainly in customer service, I thought pursuing entrepreneurship was absolutely perfect for me.

Fast forward to 2016, I’ve always loved accessories: necklaces, rings, and sunglasses specifically. As a teenager, that’s what the majority of my paychecks were spent on. So naturally, Elephant Eyes came to fruition.”

How it works:

Elephant Eyes is an online store. I’ve recently began offering weekend delivery options to local customers.

Thinking about my personal shopping experiences, I realized how unplanned/last minute things can happen. Plans can change and I know how frustrating it can be having an outfit idea in mind but all the pieces aren’t readily available. So far, my customers love it.”

The meaning of Elephant Eyes:

“Elephants are my absolute favorite animal! They symbolize wisdom and strength. Being one of the largest land animals, I feel they are intended to stand out and be seen. All of those qualities resonate and embody my personality. I wanted that to be a recurring theme in my brand. To tie it in, sunglasses are statements pieces meant to enhance a person’s look. I wanted to carry products for those that aren’t afraid to turn heads and make statements.”

Turning heads and making statements is exactly what the Elephant Eyes boutique accomplishes with their product selection. For this reason, I looked to them for some pieces that would fit my this Creative Director/Editor lifestyle. Check out what I picked below for the 20/20 Vision with DARLA x Elephant Eyes collaboration!



These are my go-to frames for work; all types of jobs and events. I wear them to the office of the marketing agency I write for throughout the week as well as DARLA Editor jobs like covering fashion shows and interviews. The cut-out lens design makes them edgier than regular glasses and they coordinate well with any look you can put together.



I absolutely loveeeee these shades. They are designed with a cat-eye shape and colorful, reflective lenses. So far I’ve worn these to places like the Soulection Radio Tour + Alex Vaughn’s Party. They’re perfect for those nights on the scene where you don’t necessarily need your eyes to be seen… And they’ll have you Instagram-ready in even the most basic outfit!



These are my favorite everyday shades for this season, by far. I’ve been rocking them while running errands, for lunch meetings, and (pictured here) en route to photoshoots. The goggle-like shape makes them a great option for days when your skin isn’t so great, when you’re not wearing make-up, or even when your eyebrows could use some cleaning up. These are, absolutely, a must-have style for anyone’s collection!

Check out our Instagram @DARLAmedia for more insight to my picks and information on how you can win a pair of Elephant Eyes shades for yourself! + For your first purchase with Elephant Eyes, use code “DARLAMEDIA” for a special discount!