Words From A Wanderer


Sunday morning has this sweet, inexplainable bliss to it that makes it the most treasured time of the week for me. A Sunday morning can arise in many different ways from waking up next to my best friend, still drunk, trying to figure out wtf happened the night before… To going to breakfast with my family before the Eagles game… To sending emails and catching up on work as I prepare for a busy week… The list of possibilities can go on. My absolute favorite way to spend it, though, is simply laying in bed; day dreaming and thinking about life. I love waking up at 7 A.M. on a Sunday morning to nothing but my thoughts and something good to read. It’s rejuvenating for me to spend time reflecting and focusing on my feelings because with school, work, family stuff and trying to establish my career, it's very easy to get caught up in the demands of the outside world.

One thing I always like to read when I’m having one of these Sunday morning moments is Words from a Wanderer by Alex Elle — a compilation of poetry and notes of comforting things the author has written to herself throughout her life.

I appreciate this book so much because it represents the power of journaling and being in an honest place. By the end of a moment spent expressing our true thoughts and feelings, we'll most likely have a better understanding of everything.

The majority of the time, I find myself writing in my journal when I’m hurt or upset about something — that’s how I get it out of my system. But I've learned that it’s also healthy for us to write to ourselves when we are feeling good as well. This way, we have something positive and uplifting to look back on when we need it.

I've been hurt so bad and I still love so hard. I admire my heart for that. - Alex Elle

At the end of the day, you are everything. You are your biggest support system, your best friend, your true love, and all that. There is only one YOU in the world; nobody is capable of doing the things that you are in the same way... And you deserve to be reminded of that, by you. Tell yourself how amazing you are and how cool all your little quirks are…. Tell yourself how much you appreciate you, for being you.

This is what is reflected through Words of a Wanderer. Although the way Alex feels about her life may be different from the way I feel, or the way you feel, since we’ve all had different experiences… The notes she has written to herself will forever hold a great significance because of the message they convey.

Alex Elle continues to spread the idea of self-love and embracing life through her work as a writer and poet. In October, she started #ANote2Self Challenge where she encouraged her readers and social media followers to write in their journals for 15 minutes everyday for a month straight. Throughout the challenge, she sent out weekly emails to subscribers to encourage them with inspiring words.

By participating in this challenge I filled up an entire journal, strengthened my self connection, and developed a new habit. Even when the challenge was over; I didn’t want to stop. I’ve gained so much satisfaction from writing about whatever is on my mind and you may too…..

You can purchase Words from a Wanderer here and sign up for Alex Elle's December #ANote2Self Challenge here.