Who Runs The World?


Darla Magazine was built from the inspired idea that women are the most fascinating part of  the world — especially women with visions who change the way things work in it. Women are alluring, fearless, phenomenal, innovative, mystical, imperial, nurturing, resilient, dynamic, insightful, made up of everything wonderful and are capable of breaking any barrier we decide we feel like breaking. (To state it simply: WE SERIOUSLY JUST CONTROL THE UNIVERSE.) In honor of Women's History Month, we put together a photo collection of some of the most iconic, bad ass women in creative fields whose history-making stories and contributions inspire us to do what we do today. Whether it has been inspiration to pursue a specific career such as journalism or fashion design... Or teaching every girl that she is a "Genie in a Bottle," these women have influenced our styles as we were growing up and in the process of becoming who we always wanted to be.


Coco Chanel

Diana Ross

Dr. Maya Angelou Honored By The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

Anna Wintour

Missy Elliot


Yoko Ono

whitney houston

Betty Davis

spice girls

Elizabeth Taylor





Mariah Carey

Frida Kahlo

Lauryn Hill

Kate Moss




Erykah Badu

Jada Pinkett-Smith







Tina Turner


MC Lyte
























Christina Aguilera