Wanderlusting: Uchi No Neko Cat House Café in the Philippines


  Cafés invite creative thinking. The first time I heard about cat cafés was on a travel channel's guide to Tokyo back in 2013. For starters, a "cat café" is a place dedicated especially to cats where you can have a drink and spend time with them. It's basically like the normal cafés but with cats in them. The place I visited was called, Uchi No Neko Cat House Café.

As a cat-lover, I couldn't have been more psyched when my friend told me about the opening of this café in the metro! The café was full of kawaii details: cat photos on the wall shot by local cat-lovers, a mini library filled with books about cats, cat decor everywhere, and of course, cat art. The café staff was warm and accommodating, too. It is my new favourite place to hang out!

Although I really love cats, I confess that I tried this café more because I find it very chic and different; it serves both as a cat café and a cat hotel. You basically pay depending on the time you stay. The charge is 300 Pesos (approx. $7) for a stay of 2 hours, inclusive of a bento box meal, a dessert, and a drink. The cat hotel upstairs is charged on a nightly basis, depending on the length of stay. Make sure you read the house rules first before stepping in, but first things first: you have to take your shoes off and sanitize your hands.

The whole place's vibe was undeniably cozy but the two things that stood out to me the most were their well-thought variety of meals and their advocacy of rescuing and adopting neglected cats—regardless of their breed. I was absolutely giddy the minute I found out that aside from the regular meals, they also serve a few vegetarian meals and a decent vegan dish! It is rare to find a café in the Philippines that serves vegan dishes so it was a relief to find one in this place.

Beatrixost said it once, "To enter a café like a casual queen, all eyes falling onto the new New." I think now I know how Columbus felt. There's this rewarding feeling every time you discover a new, "awesome place" where everything seems strangely familiar; even when you're only there for the first time. I must blame the cats and their enchanting behavior, or maybe it was the café's lovely hibiscus tea that gave me this effervescent feeling. Cats and coffee, art and tea... I can't decide. ;-)