We were first introduced to the URBANE brand around this time last year through an interview with CEO Jason Richardson and Sonya Marin (who was the face of the Spring/Summer 2016 campaign at the time) about the story behind URBANE and how it represents cancer survival. Both had inspiring stories about how they were able to become cancer-free and how that personal experience has shaped their professional lives. Since then, Sonya Marin has become the Creative Director of URBANE, styling fashion events and photo shoots under SDM Styles and Jason Richardson has continued to break barriers as a young entrepreneur. Last week, we caught up with the URBANE team to see their work up close and personal during the release event for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection at Open Space in Philadelphia. The sold out event was hosted by Garnett Briscoe, from #WhoYaWit: The Podcast, and included musical performances by Artists Ish Williams, Alpha H, and Alex The Great, plus a live painting presentation by Visual Artist, Brigit Madison. The showcase was styled by Sonya Marin and celebrity stylist, Devon Milan.

The entire presentation walked through the history of the URBANE brand starting with models dressed in the, "Survivor," baseball jerseys from their very first release. The looks then transitioned to the, "Remission," basketball jerseys from SS17, followed by the FW16, "Foundation," collection which consisted of crewnecks, short sleeve sweatshirts, hats, and suede bombers + zip-up dress shirts. The final looks that were presented was this season's, "The Story Continues." This conceptual presentation was an excellent representation of the real purpose behind the URBANE brand because every piece of the unisex line that is released tells a story; a small portion of Jason's story about everything he's been experiencing throughout his life.


"The Story Continues," collection includes windbreaker jackets and pants, a jersey, and a hat in a predominately light blue, light pink, and white color way with accents of fuchsia, lime green, and yellow. The designs from this collection are impeccable, providing us with sophisticated and elegant street wear that's still vibrant and playful. As the sole owner and designer of URBANE, Jason has become extremely talented with designing creative pieces that have the ability to stand out in such a competitive industry.

URBANE's, "The Launch," was a successful event; the brand has gained so much genuine support from a diverse group of people in our community. It was great to see so many young creatives there doing photography, music, art, reporting, and, overall, just having fun! To us, URBANE is without a doubt a brand that symbolizes positivity and progression... We look forward to seeing more from them in the future!

Shop the new collection at avenueblack.us. Follow the brand at @avenueblack.us, Jason Richardson @TheCharlesJay, and Sonya Marin @SDMStyles. Learn more about URBANE and the new collection in the video below.


Cover image c/o aveneueblack.us + Senia Lopez Photography.


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