Tinashe: Road to Aquarius


Some people may recognize Tinashe as the new singer of the song "2 On", featuring School Boy Q, that basically became the anthem of summer 2014.  She danced her way around the globe and got 2 On with her first hit and made, what seems to be, an instant success in the mainstream music world.... But it's worth mentioning that Tinashe is anything but another one hit wonder or new to making music at all. She's a driven artist and a creative young woman who exemplifies that the best way to do it is in your own way. Tinashe

Name: Tinashe Kachingwe Age: 21 Location: Los Angeles, CA Currently: Recording Artist

Over the past two years, Tinashe has released three mixtapes: Incase We Die, Reverie and Black Water. Not only did she record these projects; but she wrote and produced them herself in the home studio she built in her bedroom. Her mixtapes are raw, and have darker melodies with a slower tempo than her current radio hit... Which is concrete proof that her versatility and talent goes a long way.

As an artist she has established herself as being real with unapologetic, sexy lyrics that, from listening to, you can tell are really a reflection of who she is. With her one of a kind sound and style being attractive to those who prefer music from the undergrounds, she has gained and maintained a strong relationship with her cult following of fans... A fan base who has been supporting her faithfully from the beginning.

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To our generation, Tinashe is a clear representation that the best way to get things done a certain way while remaining true to yourself in the process is to DIY. She independently took charge of her career by creating her own music from scratch as well as creating visuals to go with some of her songs. (She shot the "Boss" music video from In Case We Die in a kitchen with just a $12 budget. She edited it herself, put it on YouTube and it eventually ended up being played on MTV Jams.)

Without a doubt, this girl is a star. With being a singer, actress and trained in many different styles of dance, she's multitalented on a level that easily sets her apart from any other current artist.. She's really just in her own lane.

Tinashe has the qualities to be a real inspiration to any aspiring artist; motivating us to take control of our careers and make sh*t happen. Her relentless efforts, focus and hard work have led her to today — the release date of Aquarius, her debut album under RCA Records.


My lifelong dream... I can't believe it's really happening...

The album features songs with A$AP Rocky, Future and Devonte Hynes. As a whole; the tracks are a perfect blend of her previous style of work with a more mastered sound that translates to album material. It's evident that with writing all of the songs and producing the interludes of this project; she's still able to creatively express herself as an artist while working with her record label.

I already know that Aquarius will be overplayed and over quoted by me within the next month... And I highly recommend that you purchase a copy for yourself. Find Aquarius in stores, online and on iTunes.