By the looks of my Twitter and Instagram feeds, it's safe to say that I'm not the only one who had a stressful week as we transitioned into the month of May. Whether it's the pressure of finals and finishing up the semester, event planning, or just the day-to-day obligations of running shit, it seems as if the majority of us have been overwhelmed with work... And our bodies are most likely suffering the consequences. Unfortunately, stress often comes accompanied by an unwanted skin outbreak that's only tamable by time-consuming regimens and expensive products... But Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay may be the major key to an easy, 100% natural skin solution that you've been missing out on.

"World's Most Powerful Facial... Deep Pore Cleansing... Feel Your Face Pulsate!" are descriptions on the package of the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay that intimidated my sensitive-skinned ass off the rip. (I had it for weeks before I actually tried it out, tbh.) But after the first application, I learned that it initiates a good kind of powerful pulsating on skin... This facial literally pulls the dirt and oils from your pores, leaving it feeling as fresh and smooth as a baby's face.

How To Use:

  1. Take a small amount of the healing clay powder and put it in a plastic bowl/container.
  2. With a plastic utensil, mix in equal parts apple cider vinegar or/and water (I use BRAGG's raw organic apple cider vinegar); enough to form a thick, wet clay-like substance.
  3. Apply it evenly to your skin about 1/4" thick.
  4. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes for delicate skin, or 15 to 20 minutes for regular skin.
  5. Rinse it off with warm water.

Note: It's imperative to use a non-metal container and utensil while creating the mixture. Calcium bentonite does not react well with metal.

After using this mask, you may notice slight redness of the skin. This natural irritation reflects the deep pore cleansing that the mask provides; it will fade in 30 minutes or so. Your skin may also feel raw and sensitive for a few hours, which is a feeling you'll get used to after a few applications.

For moisture, you can add in your favorite oil into the actual mixture or apply a thin layer to your skin afterwards. I use almond oil after rinsing my face mask off; it's my go-to moisturizing oil because it's not too heavy and doesn't clog my pores.

The Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay facial also works well for men (guys deserve nice skin, too). My teenaged nephew who has oily, acne-prone skin was very pleased with the results after trying it with me this week.

I do this facial bi-weekly, or sometimes on a weekly basis if I feel like it's necessary. Since only a small amount of the clay needs to be used with each application, the jar will last you for a relatively long time (an estimated 15 to 20 uses with the 24 oz. jar).

Aside from the fact that it works amazing and is affordable (about $10), the best feature of this product is that it's 100% natural, made up of only one ingredient: calcium bentonite. It holds up to the philosophy that it's best to only use products on your skin that you can safely eat and digest... When it comes to achieving and maintaining a healthy body, all natural products and foods are the ideal way to go!

Like most natural products, the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is multi-purposeful. This calcium bentonite powder, which is derived from volcanic ash, assists with getting rid of scars, absorbs nutrients and detoxifies skin, and supports the immune system. It can also be used for hair masks, foot soaks, detoxifying armpits, and even as a vitamin supplement.

You can purchase Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay facial from CVS, Walmart, Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, etc. — from most retailers that sell health and beauty products.

Try this natural skin care regimen, drink lots of water with high pH levels, sleep with a silk/satin pillow case, and you'll start to see improvements in your skin sooner than later! If you try Aztec Secret's Indian Healing Clay out this week (or have already used it), tweet us about your experience @DARLAMagazine.