The Hustles of Art: Sue Tsai


Creatives hustle hard to make a career and living out of what they are most passionate about. It's always inspiring to see artists, whether in music or visual arts, turn their dreams and visions into a reality that they can share with the rest of the world. One particular creative who continues to be a source of inspiration to us is Sue Tsai, a 27-year old visual artist from New York. suetsai1

Sue Tsai's style of art is a crossover of art, fashion, and pop culture. Her work has been featured on album covers, clothing, traditional canvases, and more. With her art being so well received in the hip hop and pop cultures, she has had the opportunity to develop a lifestyle brand that fans just can't get enough of... (Seriously, we're always excited to hear she's working on something new!) And not only is her art aesthetically appealing, but it reflects the lifestyles of the young who dream big, work hard, and love deeply as well.



Combining art with entrepreneurship is a huge career opportunity for our generation, and Sue Tsai is a leader within the "artreprenur" culture. Choosing to study business in school has given her the knowledge of what it takes to make her artwork marketable to the public. With the success of her visual art, she has expanded her creative talents into collaborations with brands such as Young & Reckless and the establishment of her own clothing line.

Sue Tsai's artparel line includes her designs on swimwear, tees, tanks and sweatshirts. She also sells other merchandise including pillows, phone cases, temporary tattoos and other accessories.

sue tsai apparel

If you love Sue Tsai as much as we do and can't get enough of her visuals on social media, you'll wanna check out her art IRL. She will be showcasing her new collection "The Only Place I Feel Like Me" during her own exhibit at the end of this month. The gallery will run between August 20th and September 6th with open admission. If you are in New York or close to it, visit for more information.