The Creative Curators: It's My Raye Raye


As a girl who has never been really into doing my make-up, or make-up at all in the past, (with the exception of my lipstick obsession), I can admit to looking to beauty bloggers and vloggers for tips on how to beat my face and for recommendations on the best products/brands to use. One of my favorite pastimes, for sure, has become watching Raye Boyce's YouTube channel — It's My Raye Raye. Raye's series of vlogs has become my guide to everything from what to buy at Target, to how create the perfect selfie make-up look, to how to deal with stress and anxiety, and more. One of my current favorite videos is the one when she shares information about all of the apps she uses on her phone using the popular "What's in My iPhone 6" tag (below).

Her personality has made her one of the top YouTubbers and digital influencers of our generation and it's always cool to see how she evolves professionally as a content creator. As an influencer, she has been able to work with brands for advertising and collaborations exemplifying how the YouTube culture has significantly changed marketing and branding in business.

Recently, Raye has partnered with the new cosmetic brand ColourPop to create her own shades of lipstick named Rayezor and StingRaye. I've purchased both (ColourPop has seriously great quality lipsticks for only $6) and I absolutely love them! StingRaye is one of my favorites because it's an ultra matte, the shade complements my skin tone very well, and it's long-lasting.

raye raye 1

Through her content creation on YouTube, Raye has created a community of young women and beauty-enthusiasts who love to shop and connect with each other to share their interests. With how crazy the media has the potential to be these days, it's amazing to see young women like Raye who use their influence to bring something positive to the world.

Follow Raye and you just may find a virtual friend in her as well! You can check out her YouTube channel and connect with her on Twitter and Instagram. Let us know what some of your favorite vlogs are by sharing them with us on Twitter @DARLAlaland.

(Cover image from Instagram @ItsMyRayeRaye)

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