It's like an unwritten rule of life that for every new season, we deserve to treat ourselves to new beauty products (right!?)... And this month, DARLA was sent a box of Hikari Cosmetics filled with exactly what we needed to kick off the Fall 2017 season. From the Japanese word meaning, "light" Hikari spreads light and aims to inspire us to get glowing with their sophisticated, affordable cosmetics line. Every woman deserves to shine with confidence.

Bold, vibrant, and brilliant is the go-to look for this fall and Hikari Cosmetics has got everything you'll need to achieve it. Strong, sexy, rich lips complemented by metallic, shimmery eyes and gold bronzed cheeks will accentuate your natural beauty and have you feeling confident and selfie-ready all day long.





Hikari Cosmetics has a variety of lipsticks, glosses, and crayons in stunning shades from Au Natural to Rouge. My favorites from their current collection are the Nutmeg lip crayon, which is an orange/brownish nude that gives my lips a natural looking tint, the Melon lipstick which is a bold coral, and the Tender Heart lip gloss; a subtle pink metallic shade.







The Cream Pigment Eyeshadows from Hikari Cosmetics can add either definition or highlights to your look. 12 colors of these highly pigmented shadows come in variations of silver, bronze, gold, purple, blue, and green. My favorite, Shine creates a gold shine effect — ideal for creating a golden and glamorous look.







The shimmer bronzers add the perfect finishing touch to any look. You can never go wrong with a good quality bronzer, and Hikari Cosmetics quad bronzers make it easy to flawlessly contour and highlight your face with one product!

If you're looking to try out a new affordable cosmetics line, Hikari Cosmetics could be just the right match for you. Product price points range from $13 to $67, starting with single lip glosses to foundation sets and are available at online at

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