skinBUTTR by Tatiana Price


Created by model/entrepreneur, Tatiana Price, skinBUTTR is a beauty brand designed to simplify, educate, build confidence, and promote healthy skin. The skinBUTTR mission is to simplify by eliminating the tons of beauty products women consume while in search for the right ones... To educate customers by becoming their "skin concierge" and recommending which products will work best for their type of skin.... To build confidence in women who use their products by making their skin glow beautifully.... And to promote healthy skin with products that are made to heal, hydrate, and make skin feel silky smooth. Most importantly, all skinBUTTR products are handmade; free of parabens and other harmful chemicals! skinBUTTR2

If you love natural skin products that will make you feel and smell good, then you'll absolutely love what skinBUTTR has to offer. Available online is a selection of scrubs and BUTTRs for the body as well as a facial product line that includes a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, mask, and moisturizer.

For the past week straight, I've only been using skinBUTTR and my skin has never felt better! My sample package came with instructions for the best way to use skinBUTTR along with how to preserve the items, which was very helpful since I had never used these products before.

The first product I tried was the Strawberry Coconut Scrub. I use this in the shower by rubbing it onto my skin in a circular motion and letting it sit for about 3 minutes before I rinse it off. skinBUTTR says that the antioxidants from strawberries infused in this product makes it great for anti aging, toning and brightening. The second was the Strawberry Coconut BUTTR. I use this while my skin is still damp right after I get out of the shower. Rubbing it all over my body and then relaxing to let it set into my damp skin locks in the moisture and leaves my skin literally feeling like butter!

My favorite thing about these strawberry coconut products is that the scent is amazing! After using them, my skin smells good all day long which definitely adds to my confidence. Another great thing about skinBUTTR is that it really makes my skin glow, especially in the natural sunlight. I want to use these two products every day!

What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put into them, so small businesses with handmade scrubs, creams, and cleansers such as skinBUTTR are essential! Their mission to provide natural skin care to enhance the look, feel, and overall state of skin is appreciated by many satisfied customers. Get BUTTR'd by shopping skinBUTTR products from and follow the brand on Twitter + Instagram @skinBUTTR.