Serena Guen: Founding Editor in Chief of SUITCASE Magazine


Travel is one of the most valuable lifetime investments we can make. Exploring new places and cultures allows us to gain new perspectives on the world as well as ourselves. Through travel, we learn that it's not money or material possessions that make us rich; but our experiences and the things we learn through them. There was a multi-national girl who realized the great fortune of travel early on in life. She spent her much of her childhood traveling to many different countries with her family, with the understanding that the world consisted of many diverse places.

Fast forward from the 90's to present day, and this girl is now one of the top influencers of our generation. She has created her own international publication and has quickly become the go-to source for a unique insight to different cities around the world. For this reason, along with many other admirable qualities she possesses, she is a young woman who has built a brand that we can all benefit from learning about.


Name: Serena Guen Age: 24 Hometown: London, UK Currently: Founding Editor in Chief of SUITCASE Magazine

SUITCASE Magazine is the world's first fashion and travel magazine for pioneering women between the ages of 18 and 35. 

Serena Guen founded SUITCASE Magazine remotely during her third year at NYU in 2012. As a Global Liberal Studies major, she was able to combine what she learned through her studies with her real life experiences and natural journalistic ambitions to create a one-of-a-kind publication.

Serena's inspiration for SUITCASE came from revisiting cities she has been to, to find out the best places to stay, eat, shop and play from a local's perspective. She realized that taking the information she collected from friends and local influencers and turning it into curated content for a magazine would provide young women with a realistic, urban guide to the places they traveled to — more than just recommendations to 5-star hotels and popular restaurants.


SUITCASE Magazine is currently a quarterly print publication that focuses on five or six different locations in each issue. This type of slow media format allows the SUITCASE team to spend a significant amount of time studying each city, to then deliver the most valuable information to their audience.

Aside from providing readers with a local guide to cities, SUITCASE also integrates fashion into each issue; which is a major creative aspect of every culture. SUITCASE's focus on fashion reflects it as a global art with emerging talent that goes beyond just the runway shows of elite designers. The editorials and overall aesthetics of the magazine are nothing like any other fashion magazine on the newsstands and it has become one of my personal favorites to read.

SUITCASE Magazine is a product of a young ambitious woman who worked hard to turn her vision into something tangible for women alike all over the world. It's a must-have for any of us who travel or aspire to travel in the future. Each issue is somewhat of a collector's item that brings the boutique hotels, local brands, new talent and hotspots of different cities right to your fingertips.

To learn more about SUITCASE Magazine and to find out how you can subscribe, visit The Autumn 2014 issue visiting Berlin, The Caribbean, Dublin, Florianopolis, London and San Francisco is now available.