Savannah Dumetz X Naked

Savannah Dumetz's career may be just officially taking off in 2016, but she's already got the aesthetic and talent of a classic artist. At just 19-years old, this London-native's music is timeless and she has a genuine passion to empower listeners to embrace their true selves. Savannah is a singer-songwriter who has begun aligning her dreams and real life and making her life a work of art.

I sing what my heart feels. My music is my message and that is to claim who you are and stand unapologetically in your own skin. My message is to whole-heartedly embrace every part of you. You can grow, you can be vulnerable, strong, sexy, and in control all at the same time. I'm a lady who has taken control of her dreams; I refuse to give up.

Savannah Dumetz

Less than two weeks ago, Savannah debuted the video for her new single, 'Naked' (above). The song is about learning to be brave in the face of uncomfortable moments and embracing the vulnerability that comes with falling in love. Émile's creative direction for the 1920s-esque video provides unique visuals of Savannah frustratingly changing clothes and make-up behind a curtain until she ended with her natural look; the video is the perfect complement to such a beautiful + soulful piece.

I personally love this song so much because rather than supporting the stubborn approach to relationships some of us have a tendency to take (like remaining tough, in control, closed-off, mysterious, etc.), Savannah shows the beauty of being open and naked in a way that goes beyond literally removing our clothing.

"For so long, I've been trying to hide, what I have got inside... How the tears leave me dry... So I'm breaking, I'm breaking my walls... I'll be baring my soul... I'll be naked, naked, naked, naked for you."

Savannah Dumetz has quickly become a favorite artist of mine and I look forward to learning/hearing more from her in the future. Keep up with her work by following her on Twitter and Instagram @SavannahDumetz and check out her website at

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