Omen x LoveDrug


Dreamville recording artist, Omen, released a video for his single “LoveDrug” featuring CJ Hamilton from his debut album, Elephant Eyes in late July. The concept for the video, as well as the song itself, explores how we as millennials live this sort of scripted lifestyle due to our obsession with the micro fame and celebrity status that comes along with social media followers. We all can admit that we have either started feelin’ ourselves or witnessed someone feelin’ themselves after a picture they posted on Instagram or a tweet sent on Twitter received 100+ likes or retweets. It has become a part of our culture. Omen, along with the expertise of the visual production girl gang, Verluxe, paints a picture of it for us so creatively with his video. The scene that really grabbed my attention was of Omen and his on-screen love interest on a balcony overlooking Chicago. At first glance, you’d think “Wow, this is beautiful. The view is beautiful. The moment is beautiful. I want that.” Then, the camera drifts away from Omen and his girl towards a different angle to reveal that their intimate, romantic moment wasn’t either of the two, but a scripted scene for a photo shoot (much like the essence of our infamous efforts to get the perfect aesthetic pic or selfie for instagram). How well that scene represents our generation and our use of media blew my mind. It was so real and it made me think; are we all really living our lives and these special moments to the fullest or are we just trying to make it seem like we are so that our followers will admire us that much more?

We love artists like the guys over at Dreamville that use their art as a tool to make us reflect on the little things that are sometimes taken for granted. Plug in your headphones, drift into your Sundaze and let us know what you think about the "LoveDrug" video!

2014-2016, DarloAshley Pickens