Live, Love, Italia


"Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life." - Anna Akhmatova, poet

Everything about Italy is a dream. The scenery, the architecture, the food, and the people seem too breathtaking to be real. I dare you to visit the country and not become entranced by the vivid, rich beauty that oozes from the green countrysides and cobblestones.

I fell in love with Italy as a child when my grandmother would tell me tales of family histories and traditions. I longed to return to the land of my origins and discover what enchantments lay waiting there. Since then, my overactive youthful imaginings have become reality. I have visited beaches, cities, and everything in between on my tour of the Mediterranean gem. From exploring the Colosseum and Vatican in Rome and shopping the avenues in Milan to soaking up the sun in Puglia and eating gourmet comfort food in Bologna, I've been able to experience so many different sides of the country.

And yet full satisfaction with my travels remains elusive. As much as I have seen and done across la bella terra, I still long to return. There is too much more of Italy that remains a secret to me. Until I can return again...and again, the travel bug's itch will continue to linger.