The lifestyle of a dreamer will often require you to believe in things that aren't part of the real world yet. People will consider you to be unpractical and idealistic, but to keep the dream alive you can't give in or let their opinions hold too much weight. You'll have to stay passionate at times when you have no income, no social life, and no stable place to live (I believe this is what's called the starving artist phase)... You'll have to stay focused when it feels like the world is pulling you in 20 different directions... You'll have to stay determined through adversity, pain, and doubt... And in a world that may view you as naive and weak, you'll need to keep the hunger of a savage. These days I find myself relating more to music with messages about prosperity and having a strong sense of what's important; music that motivates me to keep grinding and pushing, regardless of who sees the vision. Driving around bumping DAMN, reciting every lyric during the I Decided concert, and vibing to Sweet Sexy Savage during photo shoots has been the set mood for making my Dreams And Real Life Align this past month... So naturally, I made a playlist for it!

Check out DARLA's SVGSZN playlist created with Spotify below + the key lessons I've taken from some of the tracks.

Kendrick Lamar, "ELEMENT"

Never let someone take you out of your element; you don't have to stoop to the level of anyone sending you negative vibes or trying to compete with you... But if you gotta go hard on a b*tch, make it look sexy.

Years in the making, don't y'all mistake it. I got em by a landslide if we talking bout races. You know it'll never be a tie, just look at their laces.

Kehlani, "Personal"

Trust in your vision and all the hard work you've put in thus far. Keep going and you'll come up, regardless of who's sleeping on you.

Come up regardless, I'm coming regardless. I'm hungry, I'm starving, remaining the topic. Never an option, got your undivided whenever I'm plotting.

Big Sean, "No Favors"

Do it on your own. Don't wait for approval or favors to get to where you need to go. You're capable of lining up your own opportunities.

Born in a world going where the told me I can't go. In my lane though, I'm in the same boat as Usain Bolt.

Joes Bada$$, "DEVASTATED"

Patience is a virtue. Keep your head up at all times and remember that you are not your circumstances. As long as you stay determined, things will get better.

Just getting better each day, stacking that cheddar cheesecake. Look up to the lord, we pray. Tryna be my best each day.

J.I.D., "Hoodbooger"

Your mentality and perspective is everything. If you're able to be happy with nothing, imagine how you'll be once you finally get it.

$23 in my pockets, I'm rich as f*ck... Cause my n*gga just hit me from the pin and I hooked him up. Fast forward ten years and we hopping out the matted black truck.

Bibi Bourelly, "Ego"

Say what's real. Do what's real. Be real. Don't conform to what society wants you to be; if you got a lot of hater, let them n*ggas hate.

They want me to be this picture perfect girl, in a little picture perfect world. But I cuss when I talk, and I lean when I walk, and I've been through some shit, and I've gained and I've lost.

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