Letter From The Editor: What I Do It For


It's been almost a year since Darla Magazine has launched, but the plan for it has been a work in progress since July 2013. I've always had a vision for a publication that focuses on creative careers in art, fashion, music, business, publishing, and beyond... And everyday, I look for ways to fully bring that vision to life. Building your own brand isn't always easy, but the high you get from making it happen is so amazing that it outweighs any frustrations or obstacles you are faced with. What inspires me the most are the creatives with stories that we choose to feature on the Darla platform. Whether it's a recording artist like Jhene Aiko, a cosmetic scientist like Florence Adepoju, an image expert such as Kade Henderson, or a #GIRLBOSS like April Melchoir, these young women all work hard to align their dreams and real lives... And they keep pushing no matter how hard it gets.

As I learn about new girls who are creating their own worlds (and totally kicking ass at it), I feel it's important for me to share their visions and work with you as well. We all have dreams and ambitions, and with my writing, I want to be able to show different journeys people take to turn them into reality.

As individuals, there are things about us that make us special + unique, and we should fully use those things to our advantage. Our quirky characteristics are what will help us grow into who we want to become and to flourish in achieving our personal goals.

You may want to be a singer... A million girls want to be singers, but you have to trust that no one can make music like you.

You may want to be a fashion designer... Sitting in classes with hundreds of other aspiring designers can be intimidating, but you have to trust that nobody else's designs will be exactly like yours.

You may want to be a photographer... And with a world full of talented photographers, you have to trust that your work will be one of a kind.

I want to be the editor in chief of a magazine built by me... New magazines, both digital and print, are created EVERYDAY, but I fully trust that there will never be one exactly like Darla.

I am me. You are you. Oprah is Oprah — we are all different and all have our own little light to bring to the world. Once we become successful in trusting ourselves and having confidence to keep going when it seems easier to quit; there will be no limits to what we can accomplish.

I am the happiest to be working for Darla Magazine, and words can't even express how much I appreciate the opportunity to connect with everyone who finds interest/inspiration through it.

Thank you for reading.

XOXO, victoriadrianna