Kelela X Hallucinogen


This past week Kelela released her EP titled Hallucinogen; a thematic six-track compilation of pure emotions. Coming from D.C., Kelela made the decision to work on her music full-time instead of completing her degree in sociology/international studies and has been going hard to make her dreams her reality ever since. I was recently introduced to her music and immediately became a fan of her soulful + unique sound. Listening to Hallucinogen for the first time on a rainy Friday evening, I couldn't get past the first song "A Message" without playing it back over and over again; in awe of how closely I could relate to the lyrics and what it meant.

Since her first official mixtape, Cut 4 Me, was released back in 2013, it has been a challenge for critics to categorize Kelela's style of music. Whether it's described R&B, soul, pop, electronic, or grime... One thing is for sure — it's enticing.

If you haven't already, listen to Hallucinogen for yourself this afternoon. It's available on iTunes, Apple Music, and all those other good streaming places on the internet.

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