Katie Buxton X You Flew


Singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, Katie Buxton has released her new single, "You Flew" from her debut EP, From Songbirds. This single describes a love that is ending, but in a beautiful way, as it is setting those involved free from the pain, the confusion, and the struggle to be appreciated it has attracted into their lives.

The song is about caring deeply for someone who is not ready to love or be loved and runs out of fear, and [it] focuses especially on the process of learning to let go.

Katie's optimistic, yet still heart aching, story about a journey of love that many have us been on has the ability to quickly change your mood and make you feel something powerful. After all, what's more powerful than love?? Love may hurt sometimes, but as long as we are able to view it as a necessary experience to the process of finding ourselves and reaching our goals, it's a good kind of hurt that can, ultimately, allow us to fly away freely.

Katie Buxton proves herself to be a talented songwriter as she continues to put her heart and emotions into her creations. I look forward to seeing what she has in store for music in the future.

Check out the acoustic version of the song in the video above and listen to "You Flew" on Soundcloud + follow Katie on Twitter @ktbuxton.