Jules Muck + Tori Kelly: Nobody Love Lyric Video


This past week Tori Kelly released her latest single, "Nobody Love" on iTunes. Any fan of Tori Kelly knows how genuine and dedicated of an artist she is. (She writes, plays the guitar, has an amazing voice and contagiously positive, beautiful energy!) Not only is she super talented with making music and performing on stage, but she delivers the visuals for her music in such a creative way. The official lyric video that was released with "Nobody Love" was in collaboration with a different, unexpected artist that has an inspirational story as to how her brand of art became popular over the past 10 years.


Graffiti Artist, Jules Muck, started her career in NY before making her move to Venice, California. She was homeless, living out of her car, when she first went to Cali and saw it as an opportunity to paint on sidewalks. As told to the Santa Monica Daily Press, through this time in her life, she was able to meet people and make connections that led her to creating some of her best work.

Image: Oxygen

Since then, Jules Muck has been able to build up her brand and get commissioned for doing the same thing she used to get arrested for — paint. According to SMDP, Muck considers the money she earns as means to support the creation of her art; she finds value in it as it allows her to live and keep creating... But it is not her motive.

Vimeo Jules Muck

Like every great artist, Muck has her signature pieces. She creates green faces that stand out amongst just about any background and she has a individualistic style that can instantly be identified to be hers. Her genuine desire to paint, create and share her messages shines ultra bright through her work, and I can't wait to see more of her projects in the future.

Follow her on Instagram @muckrock as she shares her art with the world and visit the Jules Muck website to learn more and shop!

(Image Courtesy: InstagramVimeoOxygen)

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