Joyce Wrice: Stay Around EP


This past week 24-year old singer/songwriter, Joyce Wrice, released her EP Stay Around. Two years in the making, this highly anticipated project consists of 6 tracks that I've been listening to on repeat since the day it was released. I was just recently introduced to Joyce Wrice's work, thanks to Twitter, and instantly became a fan of her style and sound. Naturally, I wanted to know more about her story and here's what I learned: Joyce Wrice started off her career by publishing cover videos on YouTube with her friend Ariel at age 17. Their videos caught the attention of some of the artists whose work they covered, which lead to her linking up for studio sessions with an L.A. based producer, Polyester + Dom Kennedy. After graduating college, Joyce made the decision to move to L.A. to pursue her career as a solo R&B artist.

Joyce Wrice Stay Around

Joyce's style of music is reminiscent of the irresistible 90's R&B that never seems to get old. Taking us back to the summer days where we'd ride out to Tamia or Amerie's "Why Don't We Fall In Love," the Stay Around EP is a compilation of the perfect songs that tell a new story about love. Going through all the phases of love from overcoming the shy feeling of a new connection, to that "What are we?" stage, to regretfully letting go of someone we really love, to being home alone while bae's away, all to simply say, "I just hope that you Stay Around."

You treat me like a real man treats a lady. And you know just what to say when I'm acting kinda crazy. And whenever I'm feeling lost, you're there to save me. So I'm headed wherever it is you wanna take me. There's something in our chemistry — I feel it when you're next to me. I wasn't looking for love, but love is what is what I found... I just hope that you stay around.

Stay Around is available on all digital platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, etc.) and you can listen to it below straight from Joyce's Soundcloud page. Which song is your favorite? Tweet it to us @DARLAlaland!

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