Jior Couture Custom Nail Polish


For most of us Sunday is like the calm before the  storm... The one day we get to relax and get our lives together before we head into a new, busy week. The perfect Sunday for me consists of football, studying (always gotta stay on top of that), sometimes a trip to the beach or a brunch date, and of course painting my nails... Because starting off a new week with chipped nail polish is simply bad luck. This week, I'm trying out a new polish that I ordered from Jior Couture; an online nail lacquer store. It's actually more than just a "new polish"... It's one that I created. The Jior Couture store has many colors and collections to choose from, and they also give you the option to create your own custom colors! (It's like my prayers have been answered.)

The way this works is you choose the color you want by using a HEX # value — easy. Then you choose the size of the bottle you want (they come in 15mL and 9ML bottles), name your color and place your order! It took about 7 days for my new polish to make it to my house and seriously.... I'm in love with it.

Jior Couture DARLA

Of course, I named my custom color "DARLA" and used the same HEX # as the pink in the Darla Magazine logo. (It is a 15mL creme finish polish for $12.00.) As I am with any new nail polish I try, I was worried about how sheer it would be; considering it is such a light color... But I wasn't disappointed. It's a great quality nail lacquer and I'll most likely wear this one every week until it runs out. I can't wait to order more!

Everything about this brand is great; from the packaging to the actual product. If you're a nail polish lover like me.... You have to try it out! Create your own custom nail lacquer for perfectly polished nails and the start of a great week.