It feels like our birthday morning whenever our favorite artists drop new music and whenever we're introduced to new artists who quickly get added to our sacred list of faves. SOO much good music has already come out this month...we couldn't resist compiling a list for you. Check out new projects from a few of our favorite girls Jhené Aiko, SZA, H.E.R., Bri Steves, and Joyce Wrice + the reasons why we're excited for what's to come soon.

Jhené Aiko: While We're Young


Jhené Aiko references the film, 50 First Dates (starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler), with the visuals to her new single: While We're Young. In the video, Jhené plays the role of a woman with short term memory loss. A man who falls in love with her tries new ways to get her attention every day and create new memories, despite knowing that she will wake up in the morning and not remember him. This utopian love song paints the picture of spending the perfect day with someone you finally decided to fall in love with. The addictive melody, "It's been another perfect day with ya, wanna lay with ya, spend the night with ya, then spend my life with ya, alright..." foreshadows the story of two lovers who ultimately say, "Fuck everyone, and walk hand and hand to the sun." I suspect this is a part of Jhené's upcoming project possibly titled, Trip, that's set to be released some time this year. If you know us... Then you know — this is all we've been waiting for! Listen on Apple Music/iTunes

SZA: Ctrl


It's been over a week since SZA has released her very much anticipated album, Ctrl. With the theme of sexual freedom and taking control, this project explores topics that are often considered as taboo for young women to speak on let alone sing about. Giving insight to the state of mind of a satisfied side chick in, The Weekend and confessing that she secretly had sex with her ex's homebody in Supermodel, makes Ctrl one of the boldest projects to be released this year. SZA is an artist who continues to push the boundaries and redefine what it means to be a female R&B artist by creating a new sub-genre (or lane) of her own. Once an underdog with a sound that was not well-received in the mainstream music market, this TDE gem has now created an album that many girls have declared to be the, "Soundtrack of the Summer." Listen on Apple Music/iTunes

H.E.R.: H.E.R., Vol. 2 her-vol-2

Mysterious R&B Singer/Songwriter H.E.R. dropped a follow up project to her first EP, H.E.R., Vol. 1 this weekend. We're almost positive who know who she is (we featured her alleged real identity on one of our first playlists back in 2014; listen closely), we're not sure what the acronym H.E.R. stands for, but we know for a fact that we absolutely love her music! She's been co-signed by R&B Queens like Rihanna and Alicia Keys, and with good reason. H.E.R.'s confident love songs are the perfect ones to vibe to whether you're chilling home alone or cruising around the city on a late night. She's currently on tour with Bryson Tiller, so we're hoping to see her live very soon! Listen on Apple Music/iTunes

Bri Steves: High 4 Me


The first time I heard this new track, High 4 Me, from Bri Steves... I ended up listening to it on repeat for at least an hour straight. As a recent graduate from Temple University, Bri Steves takes pride and taking risks by song writing, rapping verses + singing hooks as well as being a self-taught engineer/producer all while being a full-time college student. In a recent post published on her Instagram, she expressed that her journey hasn't always been a smooth one; there have been times when no one took her seriously, but now more than ever she's ready to start sharing her work in preparation for the release of her first album. "That discouraging shit can eat your confidence if you let it. But instead, I put that energy into the music. That's why I'm excited as fuck to share what I've been working on with y'all cause it's been a battle trying to figure out doing music in a system rigged for girls to fail for real." She's coming with some real dope energy, and we're 100% here for it.

Joyce Wrice: Good Morning

joyce wrice good morning

Joyce Wrice's debut project, Stay Around was in instant classic (in our opinion). We've been bumping it since last year and keep our ears wide open whenever she drops a new track. Staying true to her 90's R&B aesthetic, Joyce Wrice released a maxi single EP for her new song, Good Morning. Remember when an artist would put out a single and there would be multiple versions on it on one disc? That's what Joyce did with this project; compiling the original version of the track with an instrumental, an acapella, and three remixes... Except her maxi single is accessible to us via Soundcloud and other streaming services like Apple Music :) We love, love, love everything about this + Joyce's style as an artist. Listen on Apple Music/iTunes

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