ILY Mag is a magazine about love created by Erika Ramirez. The digital mag includes original stories written by a team of raw, talented contributors about their experiences in love and relationships. Not so much of the, "We fell in love and lived happily ever after," type of love stories one may expect from its title, but more real and honest insights into the vulnerability of love at a young age. Stories about navigating through heartbreak and learning to accept unexpected changes, both good and bad. I've been reading this publication since its launch about a year ago and it's one of the best conceptual publications I've ever come across. Erika Ramirez is a writer and editor that I really enjoy following and she's become a true inspiration to me. Her creativity and passion are obvious and translates into her projects well; which allows them to stand out in a crowded world of endless digital content.


Check out ILY Mag's latest digital cover story featuring Keke Palmer and get lost in all of the previously published articles. Follow Erika Ramirez' work on Twitter @3rika.