Head in The Soundclouds: Lexii Alijai


The 'Soundclouds of the undergrounds' are the best place to find good, new music that we are unlikely to hear in the mainstreams. While floating through them, we are introduced to new artists on a daily basis that we either choose to pass through or playback a couple hundred times. One hip-hop artist + gem on Soundcloud who has been making me playback tracks regularly is Lexii Alijai, a 17 year old lyricist from Minnesota. When it comes to laying down deep verses, Lexii Alijai is consistent with her delivery of unapologetic and passionate lyrics. Whether she's rapping on an original track or doing a remix to a more popular song like Kanye West's Real Friends, she has the ability to make whoever is listening feel what she's saying. Her most recent mixtape, Joseph's Coat, will take you through a journey of emotions about love, personal experiences, and what it feels like to get closer to your dreams.

lexii alijai 2

Thus far, Lexii has created timeless music; a true indication that her future in hip-hop is a bright one. It's rare that female rappers are considered as competitors or threats outside of the female-exclusive categories and, since Nicki Minaj, there hasn't really been any known to have potential to do so... But Lexii Alijai could definitely be an artist to change that.

Stay updated with her new music by following her on Soundcloud and Twitter @LexiiAlijai.


Listen to good music. Dream big. Keep your head in the Soundclouds.

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