Head In The Soundclouds: Ella Mai x Time


All credit for coming across this week's Head in the Soundclouds feature goes to my little cousin KaSh, who tagged me in Ella Mai's cover videos on Instagram months ago to tell me how amazing her vocals are. London native, Ella Mai is now one of the newest artists signed to 10 Summers Records (DJ Mustard's record label) and this past week she debuted a new music video and EP in the Soundclouds of the undergrounds. Months ago, DJ Mustard came across the short 15-second videos Ella was posting on IG to display her talents as she covered popular songs by artists such as Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, and Lauryn Hill. Mustard was intrigued by her voice, so he hit her DMs to find out more about her career ambitions as an artist... And after proving herself to be seriously interested in pursuing music, Ella Mai was granted the opportunity to begin turning her dreams into reality with the help of one of the best/most popular producers in the game today.

Ella Mai's EP, Time consists of six original tracks that express how time is a major key to getting over an old love and moving on. Contrary to the typical heart-broken, break-up songs, this project is a reflection of how it's possible to remain confident and badass even after being involved with someone who didn't appreciate your love or treat you right. Her single featuring TyDolla$ign, "She Don't" harmonizes the cold truth many dudes must face when they lose a real one — he'll be stuck with a new girl who will never be able to match up.... But, it sucks to suck haha.

Press play on Ella Mai's EP below and check out her Instagram/Twitter for more info and updates about her music @EllaMai.


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