Girls Who Publish: Toksick Magazine + Ashley Outrageous + Isis Nicole


There's nothing I love more than coming across independent magazines/websites with personalities of their own that focus on something different than the same "popular" stories over and over again. I'm always eager to learn more about new publications once I find them, I immediately begin researching to find out who they were created by and why. There are thousands of media outlets to get lost in; both digital and in print and I am totally guilty of doing so on a daily basis. Whether it's my favorite fashion + travel publication SUITCASE that I look to for inspiration of traveling to new places or smaller publications like Sesi, a mainstream magazine for black teens, that I have worked for as a contributing fashion writer, I am a full-blown supporter of niche magazines that innovate the standard approach to pop culture and mainstream journalism.

There have been three specific sites to recently grasp my attention, all created by three different cool ass girls who are making major moves down the path to more success in the magazine and digital media industries + changing the game of publishing.

Toksick Magazine


With being introduced to their first digital issue just this past week, I've already become a fan of Toksick Magazine. The visuals on both the website and in the digital issue are amazing and the creative direction/design provides an enjoyable experience while reading from either a computer or mobile device. (I was reading Toksick from my iPhone while sitting in a waiting room for hours and the creative mobile optimization was what had me hooked!) This publication was created by Lexx Miller (@TheFemmeCEO) "to showcase the true hidden talent beneath mainstream media."

We recognize the gaps in our media and some young minds of the current political, social, and cultural issues we face everyday and are dedicated to bringing light to such matters through creativity. What's our formula for success? Staying true.


Ashley Outrageous


Ashley Outrageous (@aoutrageous) is a curator who started out as Miami-based blogger in 2008 and made her way to establishing an impressive career in hip-hop. Since her start, she has transplanted to New York and relaunched her blog into a lifestyle site that features stories about music, culture, food, and technology. This site has become one of my favorite to browse when I'm looking for new artists to listen to as well as visual + style inspiration.


Isis Nicole Magazine

isis nicole

The Isis Nicole Magazine is an entertainment publication based in Chicago that "celebrates the gifts and messages of contemporary artists worldwide." Editor-in-Chief, Isis Nicole (@IsisNicole), and Creative Director, Hannah Black, aim to spotlight creators from our generation who are making positive changes in fashion, music, and art. Each issue has a theme that provides readers with inspirational conversation and a place to speak honestly about the youth culture and the humanity behind their creative efforts.

Attracted to the IN Mag through the Twitter account of one of my favorite lipstick brands, MDMFlow, I was completely drawn in + I look forward to reading upcoming issues.

(Cover Image: Mercy-Merci)

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