Feed Your Instagram: With Positivity


Instagram has become such a big part of our lives that most of us probably check our Instagram feeds before we actually feed ourselves every morning... And for this reason, it's important for us to be conscious of what we're feeding our minds while browsing through it everyday. So often, we may catch ourselves wondering, "Why do I even follow this person? Who really cares about this shit, though?" 

Many of us may not even realize it, but the best way to eliminate the negative vibes we experience through our social media apps is to only follow people who post things that will inspire and uplift us.... It's that easy!

One image is worth a thousand words and so instead of me telling you about all the positive accounts you could follow on Instagram that will feed you more like a bowl of organic fruit in the morning rather than a re-feeding of last night's dinner due to a hangover, I'll show you. Check them out above and follow some new people today.

Happy Sunday!