Feed Your Instagram: @Duchess365


Social media is the ideal way to expose your work to people you may not have been able to connect with, without it. From MySpace to Vine, social networking platforms are not only for random thoughts and selfies, but they are extremely helpful tools for discovering new things and sharing your passions as well. A couple months ago, I came across an artist on Instagram who has challenged herself to create new artwork every day for 365 straight days. Naturally, it was her series of Jhene Aiko portraits inspired by the 8 different personality changes Jhene goes through in her "Spotless Mind" video that directed me to this artist... But it was her amazing work and motivation to improve as an artist that made me a real fan.


Olivia, known as @Duchess365 on Instagram, is a former Disney intern who started her 365 day challenge on January 1, 2015. With now being over 200 days in, she has illustrated heart warming images of figures from cartoon characters, such as Jazmine from the Boondocks and Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold!, to artists such as Amy Winehouse, Aaliyah and J Dilla, to images drawn from her imagination, and even some illustrations of her followers!

I've loved every illustration, and can't wait to follow more of her journey as an artist. You can follow Olivia as well @Duchess365, check out her Tumblr page here, and purchase her work from Society6.